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PigaOne: Your feet’s “best friend.”

Innovative footwear to stabilize and strengthen your feet for better performance.

PigaOne: Stabilize and Strengthen

Innovative Fitness Footwear

Balance and performance are essential to dancers, Yogis, martial artists and other athletes who often practice barefoot, but are shoe and sock-less always the way to go? That depends.

Personally, I find dance movements on a hot, sticky, cold or slick floor are a hazard and injury waiting to happen.

PigaOne is innovative footwear that’s suitable for all low-to-medium impact activities that are done barefoot, thanks to fitness enthusiast Sandra Tremblay, president and founder of PIGA, Inc., a Montreal-based company that’s making its mark in the fitness and wellness worlds.

I’ve spent my life practicing ballet, dance, yoga, pilates and fitness routines both at home and in studios and I currently own three pairs of traditional dance shoes that are well-suited for jazz and Latin-style dance moves. But for bar routines, yoga and strength building exercises, I have been searching for a product that’s a comfortable and practical alternative to barefoot. That’s when I received an email with an opportunity to sample a pair of PigaOne.

PigaOne Slippers offer a “barefoot” feeling, whether you’re practicing at the barre or balancing in your favorite yoga pose.

“Our objective was to create minimalist footwear sporting an attractive design that met the unique needs of barefoot sports enthusiasts for whom support and balance are essential,” says Tremblay.

PigaOne is the result of two years of research, development, and experimentation with a team of experts. Tremblay explained, “the dual-action PostureForceTM plantar arch support patent-pending technology stimulates the plantar arch’s nervous endings responsible for transferring the information received to the brain.”

The slippers offer a non-slip sole for added control but with a minimalist design and sensation that until now, I could only experience barefoot. Technologically-advanced fabrics are ultra-light and breathable. Tuck them in your suitcase or bag before your next travel adventure and you’ll be prepared for an impromptu class or workout while on the road.

To help this great product and take advantages of the early birds special, back it on Kickstarter at 

You can read more about PigaOne and purchase a pair at GETPIGA.COM.




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