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San Diego Yoga Festival: March 9-12

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  • February 28, 2018
San Diego Yoga Festival
San Diego Yoga Festival
Images and information courtesy of The San Diego Yoga Festival

The San Diego Yoga Festival


Join Thousands of People on the Imperial Beach by the USA-Mexico Border for a four-day yoga festival.

Dates: March 9-12, 2018

*Special Offer*


Instead of paying the full $188, the San Diego Yoga Festival and have teamed up and are giving you a gift: A donation-based-pay-what-you-want-ticket for 2-days: March 10 and 11th, getting you into all the classes.

The ticket is valued at $188. Simply give a donation using the promo code below, give any dollar donation (no strings attached) and get access to all of the classes on Saturday and Sunday, March 10 and 11. Beach camping sold separately. This gift is open to the first 50 who claim it so please register online. 

Claim your 2-day ticket here.

Use promo code: GIVEHEALTH

For more information about how to use a promo code, visit

Read all about this fun event and see the full schedule here. Scroll down to learn more about the Yoga festival.

Yoga health well-being San Diego Yoga Festival
The sites and sounds on Imperial Beach are the perfect backdrops for the San Diego Yoga Festival and the huge meditation circle planned for this event.

Dozens of Life-Changing Classes

There’s something for everyone at The San Diego Yoga Festival. Organizers aim to bring health, peace, and wellness to its attendees and supporting community. The festival will be held in the most southwesterly part of the USA right next to the USA-Mexico Border.

The festival will open with a pre-conference on Friday and culminate with a post-conference on Monday. “Yoga for Kids” to “Yoga for First Responders,” “Yoga for Cancer,” healing, meditation, essential oils, face yoga, “Reiki for Animals,” live music, conscious vendors, a healing center and a HUGE meditation circle by the USA-Mexico border are among the classes and events on the schedule.

“This festival features non-stop yoga and holistic healing classes held right on the beach until sunset for four days straight. Festivalgoers can look forward to unforgettable classes and healing experiences led by the top healers and teachers in Southern California!” 



Non-stop yoga and holistic healing classes are held right on the beach until sunset for four days straight as festivalgoers experience unforgettable classes and healing experiences led by the top healers and teachers in Southern California and throughout the world. Among them will be one of the world’s oldest yoga teachers at 93-years-old. You won’t be at a loss for a style of yoga you yearn to try. Schenk says you’ll find virtually every style of yoga known to modern yogis for all levels from beginner to instructor.

Schenk noted she decided to put this festival on as a fight against pain, fear, anxiety, depression, addiction, cancer, and disease. How is the location significant? According to Schenk, staging her event in the last town before the Mexican border is an act to celebrate unity.

“Yoga and health know no borders. Stress and cancer know no borders. When it comes down to it, we all feel, we all get sick, we all hurt at some point in our lives,” she explained via email.

San Diego Yoga Festival

Activities Planned


  • Calming and relaxing yoga and meditation classes
  • Fun and energetic yoga classes with live DJs or live music
  • Beginner-friendly and advanced yoga classes in many different styles of yoga including Hatha, Vinyasa, Kundalini, Bowspring, Shakti Naam, Acro-Yoga, Yoga Nidra and Partner Yoga
  • Workshops on various holistic topics including plant medicine and fermentation/gut health
  • Surf lessons
  • Meditation beach walks to the USA-Mexico border
  • A Spanish-English yoga class
  • Yoga for cancer survivors and fighters
  • Yoga on skateboards
  • Reiki clinic and chakra balancing
  • Yoga for the military and first responders
  • Yoga for recovery and addictions
  • An interactive vending center with live music and epic products from local vendors
  • Yoga with the mayor
  • Yummy, healthy food vendors
  • Yoga-inspired sandcastles
  • A yoga class on balance for those 50 and older
  • A kid and family yoga center
  • Vinyasa en Espanol
  • The festival even welcomes pets! There will be a yoga class and Reiki healing sessions for your dogs and cats!


Find your way to health and peace at the San Diego Yoga Festival.

Schenk explained, “What is more beautiful than people coming together, working on themselves, finding peace and doing something healthy, in an area of the USA that is often talked about in a stressful way or with the focus of segregating people even more? When we segregate ourselves, stress and pain happen.”



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Lifestyle online learning The Best Places in North Wales to Travel with Toddlers Travel to North Wales Wales tourism

Best Places in Wales to Travel with Toddlers

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  • February 26, 2018
Best beaches in Wales Llandudno


Places in Wales to travel with toddlers
Wales offers a variety of opportunities for travel with toddlers.

What can my toddler handle?


The Best Places in North Wales to Travel with Toddlers

Information provided by

A donation has been provided by the creator of this article to help with the running costs of the site.

Article prepared by Dale Clark, outreach assistant and Rowena Davis, researcher

For many parents, traveling with children can feel like a juggling act.


On the one hand, you want to create a memorable holiday that is filled with laughter and activity. Yet on the other, not all of the places you want to visit are suitable for toddlers.

So what can you do? How can you get the best out of your holiday?

The first thing you need to ask yourself is – what can my toddler handle? Is the destination age appropriate, or are the children likely to get bored? Worse, will the experience go completely over their heads?

Next – is it safe? Does the place have safety procedures and precautions in place to guarantee that their services and activities won’t injure your child?

All of these are real and genuine questions that you need to ask yourself when planning a holiday, yet they are all relevant.

Take a museum for instance. It’s educational. It’s safe. It is a space designed to capture history and pass it onto the next generation. It is everything that you could want as a parent. Yet… will a two to three-year-old really be interested in looking at objects that they can’t touch; that is hidden behind glass, and that can only be learned about from signs that they can’t yet read.

Unless you’ve got a child prodigy on your hands, then sadly a toddler probably wouldn’t enjoy it.

And this is not the only thing you’ll have to deal with…

Common Challenges When Travelling with a Toddler

Dealing with their fears


Most fears at this age are based on trying something new e.g. getting on a boat, staying in a strange, new place etc. The key is to be positive; to help them push through it (sometimes by preparing them beforehand), and to make it into a game or a new adventure.

Boredom, Whining, and Tantrums


The reality is, you won’t be able to please everyone with every activity. However, with careful planning, it is possible to choose places that cater to the interests of all, including a stubborn toddler. Taking advantage of tools such as TripAdvisor can help you to plan your holiday, so each day everyone gets to enjoy something they love. It will take the edge off potential tantrums/whining as you’ll have done your research and will know exactly what to expect.



Every child is different and some you can trust to do more safely than others. However, visiting somewhere new is always a daunting experience for a parent, especially when you have got a toddler in tow. Again, with careful planning and by first checking out the places and activities reviews, website and safety policies; you can escape this fear and quickly discover whether or not your child will be safe to attend.

Tiredness and Naps


Most toddlers tend to still have a nap at this age, so when planning your day you need to consider their sleep patterns. Are you visiting a place where you can take your car/pram so they can nap? Are there things for you to do/or a place you can sit – whilst they are sleeping – so you don’t have to return to the hotel?

Freedom Is Limited


As I mentioned before, not every activity or place is suitable for their age group. From being unsafe to the activity and theme of the museum being targeted at an older audience; you need to consider what is appropriate and what is not. Similarly, given their age, it is likely you won’t be able to explore at night but will be restricted to your hotel during the evenings.

Now don’t get me wrong…


Having a toddler doesn’t have to spell the end of your holiday adventures. You’ve just got to be clever with your planning and location choices.

Do that and then the real fun can begin!

You see, whilst traveling with a toddler will naturally raise planning, safety and age concerns; it can also offer you a variety of hidden perks:

  1. People are more generous and compassionate when you’ve got a child – from offering you a seat and letting you cut to the front of the cue; children make those around you more compassionate and considerate.
  2. Children encourage you to make every moment count and see the world through a new lens – children can offer you a newfound appreciation for even the simplest of things, especially if you try to view the activity/place through their eyes.
  3. Make you slow down – instead of rushing from one activity to the next, children help us to become better observers capable of enjoying our surroundings more.
  4. Your children will develop better habits – can’t get them to eat at home? The excitement of being away will often encourage them to sit better at the table, finish their meals and use their cutlery properly.
  5. Toddlers can harness your inner child – have you ever wanted to watch an animated film, but felt too old for it? Children can give you the freedom/flexibility to get involved in childish activities and enjoy things not normally available to adults.


Where to go with toddlers in Llandudno
Llandudno, a coastal town in north Wales is known for its North Shore Beach and 19th-century Llandudno Pier. Shops and a games’ arcade. will keep kids busy for hours.

Where to go with Toddlers in North Wales


Travelling with a toddler doesn’t have to be as stressful as you imagine.

And as you can see from the examples below when traveling to North Wales, there are plenty of funs places for you to explore:

  1. Greenwood Forest Park, Y Felinheli – with an assortment of water and rollercoaster rides; a dedicated toddler play area, and a sandpit with a toy JCB; this location boasts indoor and outdoor activities that are suitable for all the family, all year long.Children can also: take advantage of the longest sledge run in Wales; jump on the Giant Jumper; explore the turrets of Treetop Towers; ride donkeys and go-karts; venture into Crocodile Maze, and the older kids can even have a go at archery.Alternatively, they can try den building and create their own shelters.
  2. Animal attractions – North Wales boasts a whole host of animal attractions. From the red panda cubs and chimpanzees at Welsh Mountain Zoo (Conwy Bay), to Dwyfor’s Ranch Rabbit Farm; you can even take a trip under the sea at Anglesey Sea Zoo and introduce your toddlers to the creatures of the deep.Other places to consider are:- Greenacres Animal Park, Mancot
    – Bodafon Farm Park, Conwy
    – Foel Farm Park, Brynsiencyn
    – Pili Palas Nature World, Anglesey
    – Puffin Island Pleasure Cruise
    – Greenfield Valley Heritage Park, Holywell
  3. Rhyl Miniature Railway – ideal for budding train enthusiasts, you can take your toddler for a train ride and visit the Teddy Bears Picnic.
  4. Gypsy Wood in Caernarfon – this another fantastic location, where toddlers can happily ride the train and explore nature at its finest.
  5. Penrhyn Castle, Bangor – rich in history, what is amazing about this particular castle is their choice of activities. They regularly host trails around the grounds, where children can spot items that will earn them prizes. They also love to offer themed outdoor activities, ranging from World War One obstacle courses; dress up, and converted rooms immersed in history.Other fantastic castles to consider:- Harlech Castle, Harlech
    – Caernarfon Castle, Caernarfon
    – Beaumaris Castle, Beaumaris
    – Conwy Castle, Conwy

Now, if you would rather keep your holiday centralised to one town – instead of traveling around – it is still possible to find lots to do in one location. Take the following examples:

  • Anglesey – Menai Suspension Bridge, Anglesey Sea Zoo, Greenwood Forest Park, and Glynllifon Park and Garden.
  • Conwy – Conwy castle, Llechwedd Slate Caverns, Great Orme Tramway, Great Orme, Bodnant Garden and Welsh Mountain Zoo.
  • Port Morien – a small fishing community, from here you can visit Cape Breton Island.
  • Llandudno – 19th-century pier and arcades, ancient tunnels, Little Orme Nature reserve, and Conwy RSPB reserve.


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Lifestyle tacos in West Hartford West Hartford Dining

West Hartford Flavor Fusion

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  • February 26, 2018
bartaco a friendly, hip dining experience
bartaco in West Hartford offers friendly service and its menu incorporates elements of diverse cuisines.


Fabulous Fusion


West Hartford, CT, a thriving suburban hub in one of my favorite New England cities, offers a variety of restaurant choices that range from Asian to a fusion of flavors and aromas from around the world. As is the case with many cities, finding the restaurants, cafes, and bars that are popular with the locals requires some research or a leap of faith.

I happened to be on my way home from an interview in Hartford at the Hartford Denim Company (Hardenco) (story to follow) and fantastic overnight accommodations provided by the Avon Old Farms Hotel when I decided to stop for lunch in West Hartford. I decided to park in a lot in the center of town but as I searched my pockets for loose change, I realized the meters are set up to accept debit and credit cards, so I asked a young woman who was on her way to work for a meter lesson.

“Excuse me,” I said. “Can you help me? I don’t know how to pay for parking. I’m also looking for a restaurant that has a light fare. Can you suggest something close by?”

“Follow me,” she replied after I programmed the meter with two hours of parking.

We walked around the building as she led me to a hip, bustling neighborhood eatery known as “bartaco.”

Thrilled to find a casual dining atmosphere, I knew I was in for a treat and I’d fall in love with bartaco. My server stopped at my table within a few minutes after I was seated to place my drink order.

“Have you eaten at Bartaco before?” iI nodded ‘No’ and then she asked. “But first, before I tell you about our menu, can I get you something to drink?”

“No alcohol for me. I’m driving back to Pennsylvania but I’d love a glass of water,” I told my server, a cheerful young woman.

As she walked away, I had a chance to glance around the room and take in bartaco’s white-washed interior- a perfect fit for downtown West Hartford and its upscale shops. Add to the mix the framed photography that denotes a nomadic, carefree lifestyle and a center bar with plenty of additional seating. bartaco reminded me of Friday afternoon. The decor is trendy and speaks of South America and is inspired by the beach cultures of Brazil, Uruguay, and Southern California.

How so, you might ask?

After a long week of work, Bartaco beckons you to relax, sip a cocktail, share the small plates of food, and catch up on conversations with your friends and family.

bartaco street food
Ordering made convenient at bartaco in West Hartford, CT

The menu selections are indeed light, lively, and laced with a variety of flavors that whisper “street food” and sophisticated food truck. Some of the tastes you’ll encounter in the “chopped salad” and the “spicy cucumber salad,” are citrus and mild spices. Order those on days when you want a different spin on vegetables. During my next trip, I’ll order the tuna tatako (lettuce taco).

bartaco flavor fusion
The bartaco cucumber salad unites tastes from various cuisines. Photo by Manny Vargas. 

bartaco’s kids’ menu is reasonably priced. Some of the choices available are guacamole + chips (not spicy) $6; quesadilla, $2; corn wheels $2; and beef, chicken, and fish tacos $2. A large tray of quesadilla, guac + chips, three tacos, corn wheels, cucumbers, and fruit skewers will feed three kids for $14.

Specialty cocktails, freshly-squeezed juices, (Aguas Frescas, pineapple chicha, ginger grapefruit and pomegranate limonada)  and beer out of a bottle are among the selections on the drink menu.

Click on this link to find addresses for bartaco locations in AL, CO, FL, GA, NY, NC, TN, CT, and VA.

Find my Avon Old Farms Hotel coverage here.

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‘Why I Like to Bake for My Family” Kids Cookie Contest Florida baking contests kids contests Lifestyle

Cookie Bake off, Anyone?

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  • February 23, 2018
Here’s a fantastic opportunity for your children to explore their love for BAKING…and win a prize, thanks to the Women’s Food Alliance. 


Why I Like to Bake for My Family”

Kids’ Cookie Contest

Hosted by the Women’s Food Alliance


Create a Great Cookie and Win the Grand Prize



Ponte Vedra FL. (February 2018) Kids love to be in the kitchen and cookies are a great way to launch their creativity by baking something yummy for the family. The Women’s Food Alliance is hosting a ‘Why I Like to Bake for My Family” Kids Cookie Contest for children 8 years – 12 years of age with culinary prizes that they can share with their family IF they come up with a tasty and unique cookie. Whether it’s gingerbread, butter, chocolate chip or a family favorite, baking cookies is about having FUN in the kitchen!

Many cherished family recipes and baking memories are disappearing from tables of family and friends in America today. The Women’s Food Alliance believes in nurturing young children with an appreciation for healthy delicious ingredients that combine to express their individuality and curiosity about food.

The Grand Prize Winner will receive ……

  • Sunday Brunch for (4) at the Casa Marina Hotel, Jacksonville Beach
  • Admission to the Colonial Experience & Pirate Museum in St. Augustine for (4) guests
  • Party for (10) at Your Pie ~ Southside in Tapestry Park ~ Value $100
  • The Everything Pizza Cookbook by Belinda Hulin
  • A Kids Meal at Players Grille, Jacksonville
  • $25 gift certificate to Williams-Sonoma Cookware from the Women’s Food Alliance

The 1st Runner Up will receive…..

  • Sunday Brunch for (4) at the Casa Marina Hotel in Jacksonville Beach, Florida
  • Admission to the Colonial Experience & Pirate Museum in St Augustine for (4) guests
  • A Kids Meal at Players Grille, Jacksonville
  • $25 Gift Certificate to Williams-Sonoma Cookware from the Women’s Food Alliance

The 2nd Runner Up will receive…..

  • Sunday Brunch for (4) at the Casa Marina Hotel, Jacksonville Beach
  • Admission to the Colonial Experience & Pirate Museum in St. Augustine for (4) Guests
  • A Kids Meal at Players Grille, Jacksonville

 EVERY ‘Finalist’ will receive…..

  • A Culinary-themed Swag Bag from Sugar Snob Chocolates
  • A Kids’ Meal at Your Pie ~ Southside at Tapestry Park

“Why I Like to Bake For My Family” OFFICIAL RULES:

 Email Cookie RECIPE and STORY about “Why I Like to Bake Cookies For My Family” to: ~ Leigh Cort ~ Women’s Food Alliance

 Recipe must include:

  1. Child’s name
  2. Address
  3. Telephone
  4. Email (parent or guardian contact please).
  5. Include Cookie Recipe Name and brief story about Why I Like to Bake for my Family


Who can enter:  

Entrants must be 8-12 years old. There are no substitutions or transfer of prizes. Prizes are not redeemable for cash.  By acceptance of prizes, winners consent to use of their names and/or photographs for publicity purposes without further compensation. Winners will be notified by June 1, 2018.

DEADLINE: Email must be received by May 15, 2018

The Women’s Food Alliance will select the Top 12 Finalists by judging on:

  • Originality
  • Deliciousness
  • Cookie Presentation
  • Cookie Name and Story about ‘Why I Like to Bake for my Family’

FINALISTS Attend ~ In Person Cookie Contest:

  1. The Top 12 Finalists will be invited to attend the OFFICIAL COOKIE JUDGING on Monday, June 25, 2018, at 5:00 pm. Location is Jax Kitchen ~ Address:  #1850 Emerson Street, Jacksonville, Florida 32207
  2. All children must be accompanied by an adult.
  3. A minimum of 12 cookies must be on a presentation serving plate.
  4. Each child must bring the Cookie’s Name, Recipe, and the Child’s Name on a piece of paper to accompany the cookies.
  5. Categories that the judges will consider include:
  • Taste
  • Creative use of ingredients
  • Appearance

Following the competition, names of winners will be posted on the website


Your Pie

Casa Marina Hotel

Colonial Quarter & Pirate Museum

Sugar Snob Chocolates

Find Contest Information at:

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Book Review books about positive thinking in pursuit of slow

in pursuit of slow

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  • February 6, 2018
in pursuit of slow

in pursuit of slow

Stress less. Be happier. Accomplish more.

These are the benefits of slowing down, according to “in pursuit of slow” author Jackie Jarvis.

Jarvis is a business owner and coach who has experienced the stressed, overwhelmed life that comes from owning a business. Whatever your role is in life, the demands placed on us or those we take on can be exhausting.

If slowing down long enough to experience the pleasures that come from your work, passions, and relationships is a challenge for you, or if you feel life is slipping away, you’ll want to read Jarvis’ book and get back on track or develop a new mindset that will transport you to a more peaceful life. “The Voice of Slow” is my favorite chapter because it sets the stage for the remainder of her book. Here’s why…

“Our Voice of Slow wants us to listen, to take heed. It wants us to stop running too fast and doing too much. It wants the best for us.”

Visit or buy on


Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase but at no additional cost to you. I have experience with all of these companies and products and by linking to their product or a party that sells their products, I recommend the product based on their helpful and useful nature, and definitely not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.

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Books for the entire family Fox Chapel Publishing CompanionHouse Books Ginger Kathrens Lifestyle Wild Horses Wild Stallions of the Rockies

Kathrens’ Fascination with Cloud: Wild Stallion of The Rockies

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  • February 5, 2018
Ginger Kathrens Cloud Wild Stallion of the Rockies book review
Ginger Kathrens Cloud Wild Stallion of the Rockies book review
Cloud was originally published as a companion volume for public television’s Nature series, Cloud: The Wild Stallion of the Rockies, a documentary.

“Cloud: Wild Stallion Of The Rockies” is a stunning collection of photographs and memories by Ginger Kathrens, an Emmy-winning TV producer, documentarian, and founder of The Cloud Foundation. Cloud is Kathren’s newly-revised companion book that was inspired by the PBS documentary “Nature” series of the same name. 

What makes Cloud’s story so compelling and magical?

Readers take the journey with Kathrens as she so eloquently describes in detail her first encounter with Cloud when she discovered him while the colt was being born. Her emotional attachment continued for five years as Cloud experienced life among dangerous conditions, ranging from predators to trappers and older stallions.

Her film career and admiration for wild horses has taken her throughout the world for The Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, NATURE, the BBC, PBS, and National Geographic.

Kathrens’ keen ability to tell her stories makes this an ideal book for the entire family.

Cloud: Wild Stallion Of The Rockies was published by Fox Chapel Publishing/CompanionHouse Books. Visit Buy on 


Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase but at no additional cost to you. I have experience with all of these companies and by linking to their product or a party that sells their products, I recommend the product based on their helpful and useful nature, and definitely not because of the small commissions I make if you decide to buy something.


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Allen Michael Save Money Tips art of travel Family Travel Food and Travel how to spend less and travel more Lifestyle Money-saving tips so you can travel more

11 Tips to Save Money Each Month So You Can Travel More

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  • February 2, 2018
11 Tips Save Money Travel More
11 Tips Save Money Travel More
You might be surprised to learn your dream vacation is feasible. Read Allen Michael’s tips to save money and travel more.


By Allen Michael

Traveling is one of the luxuries everyone wants to enjoy, but not everyone can afford the expense needed for it. You don’t need to be rich to afford your dream travel destination. All you need to do to achieve this is to know how to save money and commit to your goals.

If you wish to travel to a destination you may think is too expensive, here are some tips on how to save for that trip.


Nothing seems more exciting than impulse traveling, where you take the next available flight to

your dream destination. While this may be thrilling, it’s not a smart move to make. Traveling requires careful planning and goal setting, especially if money is a little bit tight.

It may be an exciting thought to travel everywhere, but it’s more practical to set one travel goal at a time. Be specific about where you want to go. If you plan to go on multiple destination trips, make sure to carefully plan out how you can afford it without going into debt.

Plan out your travel and itinerary, calculate your budget and finances, then stick to your goals.


The most important thing to do when planning a huge trip is your budget. Track your cash flow as it is essential to know where and how much of your money gets spent. This way, you know which expenses are unnecessary, you can determine where to cut back on your purchases, and you find out how much you can save.

Budget your everyday expenses with your travel goal in mind. That makes this first step easier.


Now that you have set your goal and determined your daily budget, it’s time to commit to your travel goal. Saving money can be hard and challenging. With the right mindset and constant revalidation of why you’re doing it helps.

As you establish your budget, you can now assess your expenses. Start small and avoid spending on your whims. Do this and you can save more than what you initially planned.

This process may be hard to do, so this is where goal-setting helps. Hang a map on your wall or put up pictures of your travel destinations to remind you of your goal. It may be a long way to go, but remember it’s worth it in the end.

11 Tips Save Money Travel More
Don’t give into the temptation to buy a Latte or expensive coffee drink every day on your way to work. Allow yourself one coffee per week and brew your own on the other days.



The most challenging part of saving is differentiating needs from wants. A lot of items for sale are masked as needs when in fact, they are unnecessary expenditures. Examples of these are shopping for clothes, eating out, buying a cup of cappuccino in your favorite coffee shop, or purchasing unnecessary subscriptions.

If you examine these things, it may look as if you need to spend money on this stuff. Not so. In fact, you can actually find a cheaper or free alternative.



Have the urge to buy that tall size Frappuccino? You may reason out that it doesn’t cost more than five dollars. But if you really think about it, it’s about $1,000 you can save a year if you just make your own espresso or coffee at home for $0.17!

If you’re in need of that coffeehouse drink so badly, start small. Cut back by buying that tall drip coffee for two dollars once a week. Then drink homemade coffee the majority of the time.



Instead of opting to eat out every day, it’s a smarter choice to cook your own food. Cooking for yourself doesn’t have to be too time-consuming, especially with all the apps and recipes out there. Plus, think about the money you can save by planning out your meals weekly.

Cooking your meals every day can provide you with extra money in your savings. For example, if you eat out for a week, it would cost about $80.

Instead, find unprocessed, healthy foods to make yourself. This might only cost you $40 to $50 a week.

This process will not only help you with your travel savings but could also result in a healthier and more active lifestyle.



While a healthy and active lifestyle should be a top priority, it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself if that a gym membership is a necessary expense.

When reviewing which subscriptions and memberships to cut back on, ask yourself these questions.  “Do I maximize the use of this membership?” “Do I go to my gym often?” “Do I really need to use the gym?”

If you do realize you need the benefits a gym membership offers, you can cut back on this monthly expense by looking for a gym that offers almost the same benefits but with cheaper price.

However, if you find yourself wasting away funds that can potentially be used for your travels, it’s time to find an alternative.

Outdoor exercising, running in the park, or working out around your home are great and free alternatives you can do for cardio. You can also set up a gym in your own home and exercise with the help of workout videos for free online. By doing this, you’ll see your physique healthier and your savings account fatter.

This not only works for gym memberships but for your other subscriptions, as well. Look at your magazines, newspaper, book club, etc. subscriptions. With everything at our fingertips, it’s high time to stop spending on things you can initially find online for free.

11 Tips Save More Travel More
Consider other cutting other miscellaneous expenses like your gym membership and cable TV. Use the money you’ve saved to your trip account. You will be surprised how quickly the amount grows and grows, bringing you closer to your dream vacation.



As mentioned above, a lot of things are available online for less or for free. That being said, you can save more when you cut your cable subscription. Entertainment doesn’t have to cost around $1,800 a year. That could be what you spend on cable TV!

Instead of spending money on just watching TV, find a healthier and more productive entertainment alternative.

Spend your time on reading secondhand books for as low as five dollars, visit events with free admission, go to a park and witness live music, or take on a free hobby. You can also invite friends over or hang out at their place to watch some old movies. Entertainment doesn’t have to be limited inside your home.

And, if you crave a movie night or would love to binge watch a movie, Netflix subscription is always cheaper than cable.

This process can also cover a wider scope, such as your utility bills. When you ask yourself how you could cut back on your bills, there are some habits you can do to lessen your electricity and water bill.



The secret to saving more is knowing how to spend your money. You want to spend less and have the same quality. Research and compare products, then apply your street-smart skills.



One of the things you can do to spend less and save more is to consider buying generic brands. This doesn’t apply to everything, as it should be based on your judgment. But, if there’s no need for you to buy the brand name, you’ll save a lot more when you opt for the alternative.

Another thing to consider when spending is to use coupons and Ebates. These can help you in saving even just a small amount. Discount coupons and cash backs are very helpful, especially for cutting down your grocery expenses.



It’s always smart to review your home and car insurance and find the best and cheapest options for you.

The car insurance industry is quite competitive, and your rates may be slowly increasing without you noticing it. Experts advice is you should shop for car insurance every year. Search and compare prices to find what’s best for your situation.

Know the rates of your current house and car insurance. Take the option to switch to a lower rate, without compromising the benefits. This will help increase your travel savings.

Another thing to consider when you want to maximize how you save is to cut back on your accommodations. This is a common story successful travelers shared regarding how they saved for their traveling goals.

If you either rent or own a place, it can cost a lot of money living on your own. Take on a roommate or two, and help alleviate that problem. You can save more.

If you’re younger and your lease is about to expire, it’s also ideal to consider moving back to your parents’ home. This is especially important if there are only a few months left before you plan to leave for your trip. This way, you can lessen your bills and expenses, and save more for your travels.

These are just some of the many tips you can do each month to save money if you’re planning to travel more. Of course, there are many other easy ways to save every day.

One last thing to remember when saving for your trip: make sure to have a separate account for your travel savings to avoid getting tempted to spend it. Remember, out of sight, out of mind. With these easy tips, you’ll be able to save up for our dream destination in no time!


Allen Michael is the founder and editor of The Stick Vacuums (, a website focused on helping others keep a clean home as efficiently as possible. Allen stumbled onto stick vacuums while trying to help his family keep their home clean with less work, and has since become an expert on saving money and time in your home.

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The New York Times 15th Anniversary Travel Show

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  • February 2, 2018

The New York Times 2018 Travel Show coverage

The New York Times Travel Show is the largest travel industry trade show in North America. Photos by Joan Mead-Matsui, journalist, travel writer, and photographer. 

The New York Times Travel Show 


The New York Times 15th Anniversary Travel Show drew a record number of participants to the Jakob Javits Center during its annual event Jan. 26 – 28, 2018.


Travel show organizers reported a new record of 32,398—the highest attendance in the show’s history. That number included 10,268 travel trade, 22,130 consumer attendees, and participating exhibitors, and another milestone with 600 companies representing more than 176 countries.

The New York Times Travel Show is the largest and longest-running trade and consumer travel show in North America. In addition to more than 500 exhibitors from all seven continents, visitors learn more about worldwide travel at the Travel Industry Conference and from consumer seminars and interactive exhibitions.


The New York Times Travel Show coverage
The crowd was equally as diverse as the countries that participated.

 “Each year, more and more travel professionals and enthusiasts attend The New York Times Travel Show and for good reason,” says Maggie Kiselick, vice president of advertising and managing director, The New York Times Magazine. “People rely on the Show to provide both exceptional travel offerings and helpful information to help them plan their trips to see the world. We look forward to hosting even more people at 2019’s show.”

Turkish Airlines was the presenting sponsor of The New York Times 15th Anniversary Travel Show. The airline offers passengers a fleet of 329 aircraft that fly to 300 worldwide destinations and 120 countries.

The New York Times Travel Show coverage
A chef and flight attendant were among the Turkish Airlines’ representatives who welcomed visitors to their booth.

2018 Show Highlights 

Opening Day: Keynote Address and Conferences


Although I did not attend Trade Day, the first day of the travel show on Jan. 26, the day’s events were reserved exclusively for travel industry professionals and members of the media. Among the events offered on Friday were the Keynote Address by veteran travel journalist and editor James Shillinglaw, in conversation with: CEO of Travel Leaders Group Ninan Chacko; Jennifer Tombaugh, President, Tauck; Alejandro Zozaya, CEO of Apple Leisure Group; Andrew Stuart, President and CEO of Norwegian Cruise Line; and Guy Young, Global Brand Engagement Officer, The Travel Corporation; and 20 Focus Conferences’ panels that covered the latest products, services, destination information and trends from travel industry experts.

The second and third days were open to all attendees and featured various cultural presentations and performances, food demonstrations, and one-on-one conversations with travel experts, influencers and celebrities including travel expert Pauline Frommer, fashion designer Zac Posen and musical artist Action Bronson. The 2018 show also highlighted new seminar topics such as: “Seeing Mexico City and Barcelona Through Their Burgeoning Art Scenes,” with art expert Maria Brito;  “The Best Travel Gadgets of 2018,” a conversation with experts of New York Times’s product review website Wirecutter; and “Sustainable and Socially Conscious Travel” with New York Times travel and lifestyle writer Shivani Vora; among many others.

The LGBTQ Pavilion, curated by gay travel expert and ManAboutWorld editor-in-chief, Ed Salvato, debuted at this year’s show. If you stopped by the booth, you found information about the latest trends in LGBTQ-centric tourism and a showcase of LGBTQ travel experts from exhibitors including ManAboutWorld,  Out in the Vineyard, Oscar Wilde Tours, Shady Ladies Tours, R Family Vacations, Quiiky-Gay Tours in Italy, Outings & Adventures, Insider Voyagers and the Stonewall National Monument.

Culinary Travel


The New York Times 2018 Travel Show coverage

Okonomiyaki, a Japanese-style pancake, was one of the selections prepared on-site at the travel show. Representatives from a variety of destinations took some of the mystery out of cuisine from Japan and other countries. The Taste of the World Pavillion offered an opportunity to sample the authentic fare while learning more about world’s most popular flavors. Agents from Japan, for example, prepared “Okonomiyaki,” a savory pancake that typically contains flour and cabbage with add-ins that might also include meat and seafood.



Take a moment to view additional highlights from the travel show. Story continued below.

Family Travel 


The Family Travel Association sponsored the Family Travel Pavillion as a means to showcase family-friendly and yes, pet-friendly destinations. Key players in the family travel industry highlighted lodges, resorts and cruise lines, while families looking to integrate transportation and accommodations could also step inside a Mantis customized camper van.

More information about Mantis and other integrated camper vans can be found at  

While the adults spoke to delegates at each of the show booths, children had time to unleash some energy in the Gaga Ball Pit and other activities hosted by Camp Cody. Fitter International, Inc. offered a “Fun Zone” so families could test their balance, strengthen and stretch their bodies.


The New York Times Travel Show wrap up
A customized “Mantis” camper-van allows families to travel in style. Vans can be tailored to meet individual needs ranging from the elaborate to basic functionality. 

Culture Comes to Life On Stage


A genuine Ninja performance from Ashura’s Ninja Show was presented by Japan. 

Why do cultural performances help tourism boards attract visitors?

They work hand in hand to enhance a traveler’s overall experience and they’re an important means to strengthen cultural heritage. Dancers from The Consulate General of Indonesia and Tai Chi martial arts’ experts from the Henan Province were among the other performers that took the stage at the travel show. Stop by again soon for extended coverage. 



The New York Times presented awards to the following exhibitors.

Best in Show

Turkish Airlines

Best New Exhibitor


Most Interactive

Korea Tourism Organization

The People’s Choice

Puerto Rico Tourism Company

Most Imaginative

Camp Cody


The New York Times Travel Show is organized by The New York Times Company (NYSE:NYT), a global news organization founded in September 1851 in New York City. Its entities include The New York Times and and related properties.

Stop by again soon for continued coverage of The New York Times 15th Anniversary Travel Show. 

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