Aching Travel Writers’ Feet?

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  • October 29, 2018
Callus removal

Oh, My Achin’ Feet

Get Rid of Calluses: Tips For Travel Writers 


Edited by Joan Mead-Matsui, Publisher

Traveling is one of the most beautiful things you can do for your soul but walking and standing for hours can wreak havoc on your feet.

There’s a saying: Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. You can see lots of marvelous places, meet interesting people and do things that will leave you with memories that will likely bring a smile to your face for years to come. Unfortunately, one negative part of traveling is that it will put pressure on some parts of your body. Your feet will be no exception and you could develop a callus.

Guest Blogger Jill White
Learn how to care for your feet before, during, and after traveling from Jill White, guest blogger.

Waking up with a callus on your feet after long hours of walking or doing the physical activities can be painful. You might feel such pain on your feet that you won’t be able to put your feet on the ground.

Wearing improperly fitted shoes can result in calluses on your feet and they’re not only painful, but they also make your feet look ugly. Hence, it is important to find the right solution to rid your feet of the discomfort. Fortunately, calluses are typically not serious and they can be treated easily by several methods but the first step is to schedule an appointment with your primary care physician or a podiatrist.

What is a CALLUS? 

A callus is nothing but a thick, hard patch of dead skin. Thickening and hardening of the dead skin cells occur due to continuous friction on a particular area on your feet. It protects the skin from further friction but gives you pain. Hence, removing the callus is ultimately the best solution.

How do you properly remove a callus?

There are several home remedies, medical, and surgical treatments that are helpful in removing a callus. Contact your physician before you attempt to remove a callus or any growth on your feet or visit a podiatrist. They’re trained to treat problems safely and effectively. If a callus is not unusually severe and causing considerable pain, your doctor might suggest some fruitful home remedies.

Tips to try at home remedies for removing callus

He might suggest you try one of these methods.

Use electric callus remover: These days electronic callus removers are available. These types of removers are the small handheld machines that have an attached roller which operates on battery. When you take the roller close to the area around the callus and turn on the machine, the dead skin will be removed by the roller. This is a painless method of precisely removing the thickened dead skin of the callus. There are many affordable callus removers on the market.

A pumice stone is another effective solution and can help reduce the appearance: Pumice stone is the rock that is formed by the hardened lava of the volcano. This type of stone has a porous surface. When you rub the callus with this stone, dead cells are effectively removed. Gently rub the pumice stone on the callus while dipping your feet in the warm water. This will gently remove the callus from your feet.

Callus removal surgery: This method of callus removal is advised only when the condition turns out to be serious. A Podiatrist performs the surgery and effectively removes the callus. Sterile surgical blades can be used by the surgeons to cut the thickened skin to remove the callus. If the callus has occurred due to the friction between the longer and the smaller metatarsal bones then the surgical method is effective in the removal of callus.

Follow the preventive measures. 

It is better to follow the measures that prevent the growth of callus on your feet. Some of the useful tips include:

  • Always wear the correct shoe size.
  • Buy sensible shoes designed for walking. (Keep high heels for evening wear.)
  • Wear socks while wearing shoes.
  • Keep your feet dry.

Travel writers, journalists, and photographers often spend a lot of time on their feet. By following these simple preventive steps you will minimize the wear and tear on your poor feet so you can enjoy traveling again. A mile-step journey starts with one single step.

You can find a podiatrist in your area here.

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