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Travel is something we all say we want to do more of. But have you given much thought to the method of travel you’d use?



Travel has many benefits to our life. You take a turn and see a lake unfolding. Yоu can fееl the breeze оn your fасе аnd smell the tурісаl hоt air оf a trорісаl ѕummеr. Thеrе рlауѕ a grоuр оf monkeys bу thе wаtеr. You quietly stop pedaling to watch over the little ones.

That is one in many fond memories of your travels on two wheels. To travel by bike is much more than those memories. It is a way of life with excellent moment and joy.

Cycling could be the answer you’re looking for. Here are our top ten reasons why a bike is the best way to travel.


You Enjoy Getting Off the Beaten Paths and into More Adventurous Ones


You enjoy getting off the beaten paths and into more adventurous ones

Sometimes traveling is more adventurous than anything. You are getting many paths that are such full enjoyment through a bike riding. You can visit many famous and popular places by riding a bike.

Furthermore, some paths are much more beautiful when you are exploring on a bike.


Keep Fit and Healthy in Your Life


Keep fit and healthy in your life

Cycling is a low-impact, natural form of exercise for anyone and everyone. It improves your body strength and builds mass muscles. It raises up your heart rate and reduces the chance of heart attack, blood pressure, diabetes, etc. Moreover, cycling can give you a beautiful body shape. However, Some ladies prefer rope jumping instead if cycling as they like to avoid crowed on the road, which is perfectly okay with me. Keeping fit and healthy is the most important things.

It doesn’t require any kind of unique skill or ability, just a good sense of direction to keep you going. Cycling increases stamina, balance and strength – useful for those climbs in the Adelaide Hills to find the perfect view!

You meet interesting people

Along unbeaten раthѕ, уоu mееt some local people whо have nеvеr seen foreigners bеfоrе. They are often much less grumpy than town dwellers who secretly blame you because their city is overcrowded. They are more likely to be interested in talking to you, showing you a beautiful route or offering you some home-grown fruits.

You might also meet like-minded cyclists and share a grilled fish over a campfire. Thіѕ kind оf relaxing еnсоuntеr dоеѕ nоt happen as оftеn when уоu drіvе a саr or rush аrоund іn a cross-country bus.


You Can Excuse Yourself for Eating More


Cycling is one of the best exercises of fun. One hour of moderate-level cycling burns nearly 600 kilojoules, and once you’ve stopped moving your body continues to burn excess kilojoules in repairing itself. Whаt better wау tо celebrate thе ѕuссеѕѕ of your easy, fun, еxеrсіѕе-fіllеd dау thаn wіth a feast of еріс proportions?


You Have the Unlimited Freedom


You have the unlimited freedom

You can stop at any time and visit any place along the road or take a photo of an astonishing sunset. You won’t find those benefits while using рublіс transportation. You can go as fast or as slow as you want and you can rest at any time (but be sure to observe traffic laws).


Expand Your Social Circle


Expand your social circle

Most cyclists would agree that riding in a group along the coast, or just to the best café in town, is a great way to spend a sunny Saturday morning. Cусlіng grоuрѕ and сlubѕ аrе аlwауѕ wеlсоmіng nеw mеmbеrѕ; уоu’ll rесеіvе mоrаl ѕuрроrt whеn рuѕhіng up ѕtеер hіllѕ аnd a раt оn the back when уоu’vе fіnіѕhеd a ride in record time.


You Are Environment-friendly


To travel by bike, you are much more aware of the changes in the background and appreciate things like unpolluted air, healthy-looking trees, and harmonious rivers and so on. Those are things that are not so quickly felt and understood when you are sealed up in an air-conditioned metal wagon. Car drivers sometimes end up forgetting about how important it is to have more fresh air and less smoke from burning fossil fuel.


Enjoy Beautiful Scenery


Enjoy Beautiful scenery

Put simply; South Australia is a stunning part of the world. Coastal views wind their way into rolling green hills which lead to striking city panoramas – and that’s just around Adelaide. Challenge yourself to a climb up Willunga Hill or Norton Summit while you’re here and soak up the change in perspective.


You Are Always Learning


Besides many things, you will learn about your own strength. Cycling is also a mental exercise. It has little to do with your physical condition, age and sex and more to do with pushing your limits. The weather can be just too hot and humid. Sоmе hіllѕ juѕt ѕееm too ѕtеер for уоu tо сlіmb uр. Yоu рuѕh your lіmіtѕ further реdаl bу реdаl. You get over the hill, and you feel great. Then you know boundaries are there to be broken.





Exercise releases feel-good endorphins, which relieve stress and make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Cycling is the best form of exercise we can think of to unwind and relax – just you, your bike and the open road. Regular bike riding helps you to removes stress, tension, depression and gives a fresh and soothing mind. Sometimes stress affects our sleep. So, indirectly it also gives us proper sleep and rest.

To enjoy the most comfortable journey, you should ride on a comfortable seat that doesn’t burn or sting on your butt even after your ride. You can pick the most comfortable bicycle seat from the “best bikes for women blog.” We picked the most comfortable bicycle seats after a lot of research and considerations.


Author Bio

Sophie Elise is a passionate cyclist, author, and blogger. She is very passionate about writing on different types of women’s bikes, accessories, health, fitness and more and regularly writes on


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American sweetheart Clarks Summit stores Messy Flower Child re-purposed clothing Revival Princess second-hand clothing teen clothing women's clothing

Local women aim to revolutionize the way we think about fashion

Wild Reign

From left, Sammi Shea, Justene Bartkowski, and Nina Konz are shown in front of their new store, Wild Reign. Together, they aim to overcome societal pressures to dress a certain way.

Clarks Summit’s newest store opens at 116 Depot Street

By Elyse Notarianni

Saturday, July 9 marked the opening of Wild Reign, Clark’s Summit’s newest clothing store for women. Wild Reign’s founders, Sammi Shea, Nina Konz, and Justene Bartkowski, aim to overcome societal pressures to dress a certain way.

“Our slogan is: We’re freed to be wild. We’re worthy to reign,” says Nina Konz. “We are free to be ourselves as individuals, and we are worthy to be royal, glamorous, and captivating. We want to empower women to be themselves, not what the world says they should be and not what their insecurities make them afraid to try.”

These women spend a lot of time and through searching for their inventory, or “treasure pieces” as they call them. The difference between Wild Reign and a second-hand store is they take the time to find quality products. This means customers spent less time rooting through old, damaged items to find something worthy buying. They restore or repurpose items by repairing damages or altering the design through sewing and embellishing. Each piece is practically new but sold at a second-hand price. And the best part? No used clothing smell. 

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Wild Reign inspires a new way for women to shop

Throughout this process, each founder has honed in on her own personal brand, which they display on their Instagram account, WildReign. In her jean shorts and t-shirts, Sammi is the American Sweetheart, while Nina prefers lace, long dresses, and the title “Revival Princess.” Justene dons flowing, floral pieces as the “Messy Flower Child.” Each woman who interacts with the business is encouraged to find their own style whether on their own or with the help of the store’s employees.

Sammi, Nina, and Justene want to create a personalized shopping experience. To help a woman find her style, they take the time to get to know her. Together, they talk and create a Pinterest board of things she loves to wear and the look she aspires to achieve. That way the founders can determine her style and find clothes that fit her personality. If they don’t already have exactly what they are looking for in the store, they go out into the field to find it.

“We go above and beyond for our customers,” says Bartkowski. “We often search for clothing with a specific person in mind because we want it to feel as if we are giving them a gift. Taking the time to get to know the women in our stores and doing everything we can to serve them is our mission. We take that very seriously.”

Giving back to the community

By pursuing their passion for clothing and personal style, the women of Wild Reign hope to send a bigger message to teenagers in the area. So many people who grew up in a small town dream of leaving for something more, but these women prove that bringing their ideas into the community can promote change by creating something new.

“We want to give back to the community,” says Sammi Shea. “We don’t want to be a surface level business. At Wild Reign, we want people to feel like they are a part of something.”

Are you interested in finding your style? Visit the girls in their store on 116 depot street, suite 1,  or order clothes through their Instagram account, WildReign.

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Piper Kerman speaks audience in Scranton, PA

Piper Kerman
Photo courtesy of Rebecca Greenfield from Marie Claire

Piper Kerman at the Scranton Cultural Center

by Elyse Notarianni 

Piper Kerman, author of “Orange is the New Black,” spoke to a sold-out audience at the Scranton Cultural Center at the Masonic Temple July 19 as a part of the Lackawanna County Library Guest Speaker Series. Her memoir and hit Netflix series detail her experience as an inmate at a minimum security women’s federal correctional facility in Connecticut.

Piper Kerman shares her story

Shortly after her college graduation, Piper Kerman found herself involved in a relationship with an international drug smuggler, Nora Jansen. Upon Jansen’s request, she carried a suitcase of money from Chicago to Brussels in 1993. Officials arrested Kerman in 1998 on charges of money laundering and drug trafficking.  She pled guilty and was sentenced to 15 months in prison, a sentence she did not serve until 2004.

Piper Kerman
Elyse Notarianni holds up her ticket as Kerman speaks about her time in Danbury Prison

In her speech, Kerman pulled attention to the incarceration rate in the United States, one of the highest in the world. Incarceration rates for women alone have increased by 650 percent over the past 30 to 40 years.

“If we are going to have the biggest prison system in the world,” Kerman said, “then I think more Americans should think about that and talk about it.”

Orange is the New Black encourages Americans to do just that. As a nation, we see crime as one entity, and we ignore the individuals involved. While the Netflix series is meant to entertain, it reminds its audience that the depictions on the screen represent reality.

On stage, Piper Kerman is a blonde, upper-middle class white woman in a blue floral dress. When you visualize this woman in an orange jumpsuit or humiliated by a strip search, understanding hits. These issues are real and they are standing right in front of you.

This is the kind of realization the Kerman wants to inspire. Kerman works to educate people who have the power to incite change by speaking to audiences across the country. She talks about inequalities in the justice system based on race, sex, power, and socio-economic status.

Reforming an ineffective system

In the end, Kerman sends a powerful message about reforming an ineffective system. She got to know women whose lives were negatively affected by the nation’s drug trade. Through them, she now understands her part in in the problem. However, she says that instead of serving time in prison, she could have worked directly with these women through service. This would have not only helped her understand the effects of her actions, but would have allowed her to work to correct her mistakes.

To lock up a woman in federal prison costs the government $30,000 a year, whereas rehabilitation programs may cost as low as $18,000 and offers a lower likelihood of the women repeating that offense. Kerman strives to inform people that alternative methods not only exist, but are an improvement over our current system. 

Kerman ended her time in Scranton, Pennsylvania by encouraging her audience to learn about the criminal justice system. She wants people to find ways to get involved— even if that just means donating books to their local prison.

Elyse Notarianni
Elyse Notarianni is a student at American University and a guest blogger at
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