Catering to the “Old Country” Spirit

An Italian Family Tradition You’ll Savor

Caravia Fresh Foods

A weekly trip to the Italian deli with my grandmother, a Southern Italian immigrant, is a tradition I cherish. She brought her love for fresh whole food with her when she emigrated from Guardia Lombardi to Northeastern Pennsylvania in the early 1920s.

Sadly, my Grandma died more than three decades ago but Caravia Fresh Foods, an Italian specialty store, sandwich shop, and deli in Clarks Summit, PA, is a trip down memory lane every time I shop there. Their innovative menu embodies true Italian spirit with made-to-order sandwiches on hearty bread or wraps, a choice of soups, sides, salads, and desserts.

Taking my sons to Caravia is a treat for them and me. Joe Cognetti and his family founded Caravia in 2004 as a means to honor their Italian heritage through Joe’s grandmother, Michelena Caravia, from San Mango, Calabria, Italy. Joe and his son, Ryan, and cousins Peter and Marianne, all share the same goal – to build on their tradition of large family meals with plenty of fresh Italian dishes. First came the prepared foods department followed by the grocery section where they introduced a wide range of imported Italian specialties and an organic produce section that inspires their customers to eat healthy well-balanced meals. Caravia’s success is attributed to the undivided attention they give to each customer who enters their store.

What is a true Italian spirit?

Traditionally, it’s family gatherings with an abundance of fresh dishes derived from responsibly sourced farm-to-table food. That’s what Joe Cognetti and his family envisioned and the family has held true to its mission since day one. Caravia has become so well-known, that on any given day, you’ll find travelers from the tri-state area stopping by for lunch and groceries.

Looking to stock your refrigerator and pantry with gourmet foods? The produce section is brimming with your favorite greens and vegetables from the top growers. Dress those greens with a selection of the best-known cheeses, prime soppressata and prosciutto, and other delectable cured meats. Prepare your next course with pasta, sauces, olive oil, and vinegar, and be sure to bring home a loaf of fresh-baked bread. They’re baked in Italian bakeries in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Caravia is also the home to outstanding cookies, rugelach, pumpkin and banana, and other seasonal bread so you can top off every meal with more sweet reminders of your visit to Caravia.

View the sandwich, catering, and holiday menus at Caravia Fresh Foods, 1151 Northern Boulevard, Clarks Summit, PA.

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Savor every meal together.

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