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  • June 26, 2019
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FamClub Premium Monthly Rewards Box

Engaging Families

Subscription Service Rewards Family

Jason Bailey recognized the need for families to grow together.

But how do you arrive at that point with all the distractions parents and children face today?

Jobs, school, travel, sports, and electronics can all take their toll on family time. That’s why Jason Bailey, a South Florida resident created FamClub, a family-oriented subscription service that will delight and motivate you to reinvent family time. Jason is a father of two and a CEO of several companies. But he also recognizes how important family time is…

I agreed to test and review this service because as a parent, I remember how much my children appreciated our family time together. We fished, planted gardens, hiked, and created art projects often. When my sons became teenagers and our lives became more hectic, we struggled to find together time and keep up with chores.

FamClub’s mission is to “harness” the technology we’ve come to blame for leading us astray from playing, working, and growing together. Jason designed a subscription-based service that encourages families to set and complete goals. Premium members receive a monthly customized box that’s packed with rewards for completing their goals. Please see the assortment of gifts I received in my March, April, and May reward boxes.

FamClub Reward Box
Subscribe to FamClub and receive a monthly reward box. FamClub offers subscription options so you can choose the one that works best for you. Shown is the “Family Time’s Blooming” March Reward Box.

The items you’ll find in the rewards boxes will put a smile on your face. The first box I received contained a water bottle, egg-shaped chalk, foam football, trimming shears, puzzle, gardening gloves, and a mini clay pot with flower seeds. They’re essential ingredients for family fun and excitement that will motivate your children to work side-by-side with you. FamClub makes it incredibly simple to integrate rewards with activities you and your children will love.

FamClub Reward Box
“Everything But The Kitchen Sink” is the April themed rewards’ box.
FamClub Reward Box
“OUT OF THIS WORLD” will launch your family into another galaxy and create the ultimate space adventure. Each child and adult member registered with the FamClub receives a gift.

FamClub offers three subscription plans: Monthly, Premium, and Basic and an app allow you to sign up and track your goals while you’re mobile. Visit the app store on your mobile device to download it.

The premium subscription gives kids of all ages a reason to reach their goals.
The items in the rewards’ box will be enjoyed by young children and yes, also the teenagers.

Visit to sign up.

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