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Fly-Fishing Friday

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  • June 14, 2019
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Fly Fishing Friday Joan Matsui Travel Writer

Adventures on the Water

Not every Friday am I able to end my work week midday but when time allows, I’ll break loose from my laptop around 3 p.m. to fly fish or hike.

They’re both two of my all-time favorite hobbies and if the conditions allow, give me a day without rain and I’ll head outdoors to appreciate the abundance of pristine water and bucolic trails and meadows we have in Pennsylvania.

We’ve had a wet spring with record precipitation but many of the days without rain have been sunny and beautiful with ample water in our streams. Today is one of those days when nature beckons me to spend time wading and foraging for trout.

From trout season opening day in April to fall, I find my local creek, which is stocked in early spring, an ideal close-to-home retreat. I’ve accumulated a collection of photos and fishing stories to share with you every Friday. Although I’m not a “selfie” fan, I have a hard drive full of fishing memories.

Let’s begin with last weekend when I strayed from my township to another local fishing hole that’s located at the confluence of two creeks. I caught a fish in the pool a few weeks ago but last week was a no-show. Even with a dense hatch after 7 p.m., not one fish rose to the surface. But it isn’t necessarily the catch that’s as important as the experience and the sound of water as it runs over rocks, birds flying overhead, and quiet time.

Actually, I’ve caught (and released) more trout since opening day than I expected. That’s the beauty of fly fishing. Seeing a trout rise to take a dry fly, quickly and safely removing the hook from its mouth and gently returning it to the water is what attracted me to fly fishing.

I’d welcome fly-fishing-related questions and comments here or on my social media platforms. Let me know your favorite creek, river, or lake or share your fishing tips with my readers.

Enjoy your weekend wherever you live.

Joan Mead-Matsui

Fly-Fishing Friday with Joan Matsui Travel Writer

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