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  • August 22, 2018


I hope you’re having a wonderful summer and you’ve found some time to relax. We’ve had an uncharacteristically rainy summer here in Pennsylvania, which put a damper on my plans to hike, fly fish, and be outdoors every day. The rain has brought flooding to Northeastern PA and mud – lots of mud.

I’ll be taking a few days off through next week to spend time with my family. My brief vacation doesn’t mean you’ll be without quality content and as always, an opportunity to reach out to me.

My subscriber list has grown leaps and bounds this year to a point where I know you must be enjoying my content. I’d love to know why you’ve chosen to follow my website. What types of posts would you like to see on What’s your favorite post on my website? Please send details to me using the contact form below so I can continue to share with you the information that prompted you to click subscribe.

By now, my subscribers have come to know me as an environmentalist, nature and beach enthusiast, food aficionado, freelance fine artist (for more than 25 years) and oh, yes, an avid fly angler.

Where will my vacation take me next week? Fly fishing and spending time with my family are definitely at the top of my list.

How do you define the perfect vacation?

Joan Matsui Artist and Travel Writer
I’ve learned to fly fish with my friend, Rosangela.

How did I get tangled up in fly fishing?

(Sorry, I couldn’t resist the pun.)

I grew up the youngest of three children with male siblings. Living in a male-dominated family might have had something to do with that evolution. As a child, I watched my father pack his fishing box in the trunk and head out to fish when he needed some alone time, and in later years, my brothers’ tales of fishing with my father continued to pique my curiosity. Did my father take me fishing? I don’t recall fishing with him, EVER. I can only assume he didn’t think I had an interest. Ah, but I did. In fact, I fished with bait until about six years ago when my friend (an active Trout Unlimited member encouraged me to take a fly fishing class at our local Orvis affiliate. I fish whenever I have spare time and I can sneak off to one of my fishing holes. But there is more to my life than fly fishing (although many travel assignments involve fishing).

Artist and Travel Writer

Joan Matsui Travel Writer Artist
I captured my son scooping fish from a nearby lake with a small butterfly net.

Chigirie is the Japanese art of tearing paper to create a collage. In short, it’s painting with paper and a centuries-old art form. I’ve owned the domain name for 24 years and my web developer recently redesigned the site so I can offer art classes. Click the link and learn more about chigirie.

In a few weeks, I’ll be in touch with an offer to pre-order my eBook. I’ll save the title and genre details for an upcoming post. My aim is to publish mid-September in time for you to curl up on the couch on the chillier nights ahead.

Cheers to the remaining days of summer.

Best Regards,

Joan Mead-Matsui





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