The Everything, Everywhere, Travel Writer Podcast – Episode 5 with Tanya Zaufi, Author and Travel Expert

Join Joan Mead-Matsui, Everything, Everywhere, Travel Writer Podcast host as she interviews Tanya Zaufi, “All Over The Map” author and travel expert.

Love Aboard a Cruise Ship Podcast with guest, Tanya Zaufi


Join travel podcast host, Joan Mead-Matsui, for Love Aboard a Cruise Ship in the Everything, Everywhere, Travel Writer Podcast, Episode 5 with guest, Tanya Zaufi

Love Aboard a Cruise Ship? Absolutely! Listen to Episode 5 and you’ll discover how my guest, Tanya Zaufi, met the man of her dreams while working on a cruise ship. Her story of how she met the handsome pastry chef who stole her heart is rich with romance and love and packed with advice and tips on how to keep your love relationship healthy. She also shares details about many of the destinations she visited throughout her career.

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