Travel: On the Viking Trail in Canada
The outstanding photography and Lori Erickson's descriptions beckon me to visit Newfoundland.  Let me know your thoughts or experiences if you've visited the Viking Trail or a few reasons why you'd want to see the 270-mile route. The words "picturesque fishing villages, dramatic fjords and mountains, and sweeping sea vistas framed by a rocky coastline" were all I needed to read. 
Interview Gabriella Ribeiro Mogul Mom
I have two businesses that deal with different segments of the travel industry. One handles sales and creative marketing for hotels and destinations and the other curates unique immersive journeys for travelers that leave a footprint on their soul. Travel is, and always has been my passion so I worked hard to fuse it into business ideas to create a life that thrills me and that I truly love. 
Wildlife Conservation Photography
Every audience asks about “close calls” or “scary moments” in the field. While I have had a few of these, I prefer not to put emphasis here. They are almost always a result of someone making a mistake or miscalculation. I don’t want people to focus on the “fear factor”. Too many people are afraid of nature as it is. We should admire and respect nature first. I consider it a terrible failure should I find myself in a difficult or dangerous situation.
Throughout the guide, you'll find a brief history, a noteworthy quote to inspire you, and a local tip. Fort Castillo de San Marcos, for example, is one of the best places to view the sunrise and the oldest masonry fort in the continental United States.  They refer to Creekside Dinery as a hidden gem nestled among beautiful magnolia trees on Gonzales Creek.
Wilderness Survival Tips
How fast can the average Grizzly Bear run and what can you do to avoid an encounter with one? Author and full-time journalist Timothy Sprinkle wants you to be safe if you are "Lost and Stranded" alone in the wilderness and you'll want to read his book to learn the answer to my Grizzly Bear question. Sprinkle offers 247 pages of...