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How to Plan Your Solo Media Trip speaks for itself. I dive deep into the trip planning process and dish out tips and techniques that help you organize your own media trip.

Plan Your Solo Media Trip is a high-value, low-cost mini-course available through joanmatsuitravelwriter.com. Learn practical tips from a four-time award-winning freelance travel journalist


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Imagine the possibilities that await you in the travel world! Learn and grow as a travel writer with “Plan Your Solo Media Trip (Like A Pro),” a mini-course I’ve designed to teach you how to arrange a solo media trip. 

Finding a course that prepares you for your career AND matches your lifestyle and needs can be a challenge. 

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I created “Plan Your Solo Media Trip,” a high-value $10 mini-course that to teach you THE FUNDAMENTALS OF PLANNING AN EXTRAORDINARY SOLO MEDIA TRIP.

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You can buy it here, now, or sign up for my Journalist Support Hub, a members-only Facebook group. Learn travel writing and journalism because every day you wait, for example, is one less day you’ll travel. Don’t wait. Get a jump on your plans today. 

My goal for my mini-courses (with additional course offerings in the works) is to teach you the tips and techniques I’ve learned as a journalist and travel writer.

I covered a myriad of destinations and events on more than 50 media trips. As a result, throughout my careers in journalism and travel writing, I learned we all need a coach now and then to help us achieve our dreams. 

Don’t Dream Your Life Away

BECAUSE if you’re like me, you WANT TO UTILIZE YOUR SKILLS AND TALENTS. But when you embark on any new venture or career, you need the support to reach your goals. I’m here to guide you.  

Learn Journalism and Travel Writing

The truth is my years as a print journalist were some of the best days of my life and winning five newspaper association press awards was the icing on the cake.

I didn’t have demanding editors pressuring me to take on additional assignments and I rarely turned down assignments but I knew I couldn’t pass on an offer to cover services and amenities at lodging destinations in a popular Northeastern Pennsylvania resort region. With more than 1,400 published features’ stories to my credit and eight years writing for the same publications, I accepted my first freelance travel writing position with a tourism website.

Oh, rest assured, reporting on local, national, and international travel is exciting but even more so, when you can tailor your itinerary to reflect your interests and skills. You owe it to yourself to be part of the planning process.

Plan Your Solo Media Trip 

BUY my mini-course today and get started on your journey or join the Journalist Support Hub for month-to-month lessons and support for the projects you want to start.  


Plan a solo media trip mini-course
Tailor your travel assignments to reflect your interests. Your coverage will shine with happiness if you stay on course when you plan your solo media trip.