Best Pennsylvania Day Trips Part 2

Part 2 Best Pennsylvania Day Trips for hiking, photography, and relaxation
Best Pennsylvania Day Trips Part 2

with Guest, Mike Stevens

Learn Where to Photograph Bald Eagles, Hike, Boat, and Discover Nature Trails in Pennsylvania

Part 2 Best Pennsylvania Day Trips for hiking, photography, and relaxation

Best Pennsylvania Day Trips Part 2 continues along the scenic Pennsylvania roads with guest, Mike Stevens. Mike joins me in Episode 11 of the Everything, Everywhere, Travel Podcast, a popular travel vlog, to highlight more of the state’s scenic drives and places to have fun outdoors.

There’s no question that Pennsylvania is blessed with breathtaking vistas, mature forests, and nature trails to help you get the most out of your day off or weekend journeys.

Add some outdoor adventure to your life because research shows Mother Nature heals. She also invigorates us as we stroll along a path, soothed by the sounds of water in a nearby stream or a cascading waterfall or songbirds in nearby trees. Mike stands out as a local expert on planning The Best Pennsylvania Day Trips as the former longtime host of “On the Pennsylvania Roads,”

Part 2 begins with a more in-depth discussion about Lake Jean, a 245-acre lake in Luzerne and Sullivan Counties. From there we travel a bit (in mind and spirit only) to another popular recreation area where, if you’re camera-ready, you might be able to snap a quick photo of a bald eagle. You’ll love Mike’s stories about what can happen when you try to photograph waterfowl.

Mike Stevens Broadcast Journalist

He even tells you about an abandoned village where you’ll discover more about Pennsylvania history. Whether you’re looking for the best places to hike or the perfect setting to photograph nature or majestic bald eagles, we have you covered in this episode. We take you to Lake Jean, the abandoned town of Ricketts, and the Lackawaxen and Delaware Rivers.

If you’re a history buff like Mike and me, you’ll want to know more about Ricketts, a village that was established as a lumber mill company town in Sullivan and Wyoming counties. It’s only a short distance from Ricketts Glen State Park and a convenient stopover while you’re in that neighborhood.

We are certain you’ll find your place to relax and unwind along thousands of miles of forests on Pennsylvania’s backroads.

We have one more episode in this series to share and we hope you’ll come back again next week for Part 3.

Read more about Rickett’s Glen State Park and the spectacular waterfalls.

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