Dinosaur Celebration

Dinosaur Celebration

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Episode 7: Meet Nizar Ibrahim, Vertebrate Paleontologist, and NAT GEO Explorer

Nizar Ibrahim NAT GEO explorer and scientist
Nizar Ibrahim is a NAT GEO scientist and explorer who devotes his career to learning everything there is to know about dinosaurs.

You do not want to miss this Dinosaur Celebration podcast episode with my guest, NAT GEO explorer, and scientist, Nizar Ibrahim, as he fills us in on his exciting research and discoveries in the wonderful world of dinosaurs. Nizar and I talk about his work and travels as part of National Geographic’s exploration team and the ongoing DinoMAYnia Celebration of Dinosaurs that kicked off on NAT GEO on May 18.

Nizar’s mission is to share his passion for science with audiences, young and old, around the world through speaking tours with National Geographic Speakers Bureau, and through exhibits, educational videos, and books. His research and discoveries from the many paleontological expeditions he has led to Africa’s Sahara desert have been featured in a variety of publications from National Geographic, Nature, and Science to The Wall Street Journal and Discover Magazine.

NAT GEO celebrates dinosaurs
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Nizar is a vertebrate paleontologist and comparative anatomist with a background in bio- and geosciences. He has a Ph.D. in vertebrate paleontology and is an Assitant Professor of Biology at the University of Detroit Mercy (USA), a research associate with the Carnegie Museum of Natural History (USA), and a visiting researcher with the University of Portsmouth (UK). His current research interests include vertebrate morphology and evolution, Mesozoic chronostratigraphy, and bioinformatics.

You can see his discoveries at work at NAT GEO, a fun place for families to learn and create together with activities and books galore.

But first, listen to the podcast and share with your family and friends.

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