Hike PA Nature Trails

Hike PA Nature Trails
Joan Mead-Matsui
Joan Mead-Matsui
Hike PA Nature Trails
Hike PA Nature Trails
Mike Stevens and I share tips and stories about the best PA day trips where you can find inspiring nature and spectacular trails.

Best Pennsylvania Day Trips Podcast with Guest Mike Stevens, Part 3, Episode 12

What did you do to keep busy during the pandemic?

We all had ways we coped with the isolation and the uncertainty of what this wretched global nightmare would bring. Some of us walked. Others found new hobbies or home improvement projects. We know droves of people chose to Hike PA Nature Trails.

I studied video editing and podcasting. And I made an effort to walk every day or I took an online dance class. Spending time outdoors and daily exercise kept my morale from dropping.

My guest, Mike Stevens, a well-known Pennsylvania broadcast and print journalist, had his own routine that he’ll share with us in Part 3, Episode 12 of the Everything, Everywhere, Travel Podcast. Mike is an optimist in the truest sense and sought out day trips where he could, “Keep life simple” and learn new facts along the way. He found a greater appreciation for nature, even as close to home as in his own backyard.

He brings a smile to our faces every time he’s a guest on my show as he tells stories about his adventures while traveling along the Pennsylvania roads. Mike is also is the best person to give out information about day trips and regional history with his vast knowledge of the lesser-known stories that don’t appear in the news. His cow story, for example, is one-of-a-kind, and his trail suggestions will add variety to your repertoire.

You’ll find out why you should hike PA nature trails and Northeastern Pennsylvania college campus intersects with another popular trail system and why you should add it to your list of natural habitats to visit.

Make no mistake. You will find hiking trails for people of all skill levels from beginner to expert and an opportunity to stay in shape.

There’s also Mike’s update on the well-cared-for squirrel that hangs out in his backyard and what he has learned throughout the pandemic.

As a bonus, we have more than enough recording to bring you a fourth, fifth, and possibly sixth episode so tune in next week for Part 4 with conversation, tips, and stories.

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