Into the Deep

Into the Deep with Robert D. Ballard
Joan Mead-Matsui
Joan Mead-Matsui
Into the Deep

The Man Who Found the Titanic

An Interview with Robert D. Ballard, National Geographic Explorer and Field Geologist

Robert Ballard is an explorer whether he’s on land or at sea. At 79-years-old, Bob is planning new expeditions and “Into the Deep,” his celebrated memoirs, tells a fascinating story of his life as a field geologist and National Geographic Explorer. But he also talks about another discovery that has influenced his life.

This is my second epic National Geographic podcast interview and one that will teach us all a thing or two about perseverance and overcoming odds.

While we had an equipment malfunction the day we recorded this episode, Bob’s message is loud and clear and you will walk away with a sense of wonder and amazement at his achievements.

You can learn more about Ballard and keep up-to-date with his ongoing expeditions and fieldwork here.

Looking for more stories and podcasts about National Geographic Explorers? Listen to my episode with dinosaur expert, Nizar Ibrahim.

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