Top Interviewing Tips

Podcast Guest Mike Stevens
Top Interviewing Tips

Everything, Everywhere, Travel Writer Podcast with guest Mike Stevens

Podcast Guest Mike Stevens
My guest, Mike Stevens, former “On the Pennsylvania Road” WNEP-TV host, believes great interviews begin and end with “shooting the breeze.” Listen as Mike shares stories from the road and interview tips every journalist should know.

Episode 4 is dedicated to journalists and travel writers who want to learn essential interviewing tips. Listen in to the Everything, Everywhere, Travel Writer Podcast with guest, Mike Stevens, to get the Top Interviewing Tips every journalist should know.

His broadcast and print journalism careers have been rich with culture and humor, of course, (one of his trademarks) as he interviewed people from all walks of life as the former host of “On the Pennsylvania Road.”

Mike believes great interviews begin and end with “shooting the breeze.” By that, he is referring to the art of conversation, which he and I agree is a key to a successful interview. Mike’s easy-going style and sense of humor have landed him interviews from the countrysides to the cities. Together, we break down the skills you’ll need when you set out on your next interview.

How do you engage in a conversation when you’re looking for the answers to specific questions?

Join us as we team up to teach you the Top Interviewing Tips along with other outstanding advice to help you relax during interviews so you can get the answers you need. In fact, interviewing is fun if you let down your guard and develop your own style that leads to a dynamic conversation.

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