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Kristie Ceruti, Editor

“Since 2009, I have had the pleasure of being associated with Joan Mead-Matsui, first as her editor at The Abington Journal; then as a colleague in the field of journalism.

As a freelance journalist and photographer, Joan’s reliability, diversified background and willingness to accept assignments on a variety of topics set her apart. In those three areas, she meets and exceeds any expectation you might have in mind. She has held her current position as a freelance journalist at The Abington Journal for I believe, more than seven years, during which time she earned a Pennsylvania Newspaper Association Keystone Award and was selected for an opportunity to write ad-sponsored stories for The Abington Journal’s affiliated daily newspaper, the Times Leader, in November 2015.

During my tenure as Editor, Joan accepted assignments and successfully contributed more than 600 feature stories in four years. Through the years, her skills as a journalist and a photographer developed consistently, revealing her ability to cover a variety of topics, from personality profiles and recreational sports, to arts, music and entertainment. Frequently, Joan pitched enterprise stories that increased her value as a contributing writer on the team. As an astute interviewer, she established rapport with every member of the community with whom she had contact, which in turn increased the reach and good standing of the newspaper.

Open-mindedness, excellence in journalism and photography, and attention to detail distinguished Joan in the workplace. Her independent nature and ability to self-motivate made her an ideal contractor. Joan also embraced teamwork, which led to the aforementioned Keystone Award for coverage of the Centennial of Clarks Summit in 2011. Joan offers every quality you might look for in a freelance journalist and a dependable independent contractor.”

Erika Alexander Bruckner, Editor 

“As an editor at a regional lifestyles magazine, it was a pleasure to work with Joan Mead-Matsui. Her professionalism and quality of writing allowed me to confidently assign her stories that required creativity, accuracy and personal attention. Her ability to relate to her sources in a positive way, as well as her passion for the written word, came through in every piece she penned.”

Barry Kaplan, Everything Natural, 426 S. State St., Clarks Summit, PA

“I have worked with Joan in her capacity as a reporter for many years. In fact, it’s been long enough that I don’t remember how long! 10 years? 15? It could easily be.

Everything Natural is a sustainable lifestyle store, a landmark business in Northeast Pa, and an unusual one at that. Consequently, we’ve had a great deal of media coverage over the 31 years we’ve been in business. I have worked with many reporters in various media and I was always glad when we received a request for an interview Joan would be doing. Her stories would always be accurate (a Godsend), actually reflecting the conversation – she listens! Joan brings an interesting and unique perspective, writing pieces that highlighted something currently newsworthy, something we were featuring, or our special events. Consequently, we were always happy with the published pieces, including her photographs. In fact, I now often joke when a reporter or photographer shoots in the store, as we have had so many photos taken I no longer see a novel place to take one. With her artist’s vision, Joan has found a way to keep them fresh.

I have also worked with Joan as she covered many community events. Being very active in the Abington Business and Professional Association and frequent Chair of the area’s premier event, the Clarks Summit Festival of Ice, Joan has repeatedly interviewed me and other people involved in our various town festivals. Again, she has always been a professional and produced wonderful, engaging stories. You would be well served to hire Joan to write for your publication. We look forward to the next time Joan does a story on Everything Natural!”

Dennis Martin, Northeastern Pennsylvania Historian 

I first met Joan Matsui when I was the Vice-Chairman of the Clarks Summit Centennial Planning Committee in 2011. She worked closely with the committee in our planning and presentation of a year’s worth of activities for the Centennial. As one of the three historians for the Centennial, I was interviewed by her many times in the course of the year and I was enormously impressed by her interest and in her skill at helping me tell my stories properly. The Abington Journal was one of our major sponsors and she was our main contact.

My wife and I are the volunteer historians for the Abington Community Library and we have been very happy continuing to work with Joan as we have enhanced the local history section of the library. While that section has grown greatly, it is the writings of Joan that have brought what is there to the public’s attention.

Dori Waters, Co-founder, The Gathering Place 

“Joan’s stunning photography and eloquent descriptions capture the beauty and charm of each location. Her enthusiasm and attention to detail bring her stories to life. It’s enough to inspire a Hobbit to go on an adventure.”

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