Salmon River Fly-Fishing Tips

Techniques to Help You Catch A Salmon Angling On The Fly Salmon River Fly-Fishing Tips is a three-day account of my first-time salmon fishing in the Salmon River, Altmar, NY. by Joan Mead-Matsui, a five-time award-winning freelance journalist; travel writer, and photographer. If you’re looking for tips to help you catch salmon, you’ve come to the right place. Salmon River Fly-Fishing Tips and tales reveal important information you need to know for your first time on the water. The stories from my first salmon fishing expedition highlight some of the key points I learned from anglers who come back to Altmar year after year. It’s all here – the angling, flies, bait, encounter with international anglers, and the final word on my success during my first salmon-fishing trip to the Salmon River. My Salmon River fly-fishing tips are more about my experience as a whole, rather than one specific story or incident. The primary objective for this story assignment was to arrive at the river and learn as much as I could through listening, observing, and interviews with other anglers. Watching fishermen of all levels reel in one fish after another was an experience I’ll never forget. Where To Stay … Continue reading Salmon River Fly-Fishing Tips

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