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Everything, Everywhere, Travel Writer Podcast 

Podcast Show Notes 

Date: April 15, 2020

Episode: 1

Title: Neil Patel Travel Story

Subtitle: The Perfect Getaway

Final Show Link: 

In this episode of the Everything, Everywhere, Travel Writer, Neil Patel, digital marketing icon and entrepreneur, describes how work is always a part of his life and travel for work related-purposes is essential to his business. 

Does Neil allow time from his hectic schedule to relax? 

Yes, but if he doesn’t work, he’s not able to relax. 

Business trips take him to random places like Indonesia or oftentimes, Europe — Germany, London or Paris. Depending on where he’s going, his family joins him and they try to include family activities on top of work. 

What’s his idea of the perfect getaway? You’ll be surprised by his answer so tune in to the show to get the details.  

How does he deal with spending so much time on the road? Find out what he does in his free time.

He reveals his favorite place to relax after days and weeks of business travel. It’s typically not the exotic location you might expect. 

How has travel affected his life? Neil fills us in with details about what he’s learned while “on the go” for business? 

What are some of his favorite places? New York City is one of the United States destinations he loves but he has traveled extensively around the globe. 

What is one travel tip or advice he gives my listeners? Neil gives travel tips to encourage you to get the most of your trip while avoiding the “touristy type” sights. 

A heartfelt thanks to Neil for his time and interest in the Everything, Everywhere, Travel Guest series. He’s a gracious and patient person who loves to teach and share his knowledge. We recorded our podcast more than two months ago and in the meantime, after COVID-19 wreaked havoc, we ran into production, editing and sound quality issues that were somewhat resolved. Please be patient with us as moving forward is a constant work in progress.

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