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A Meditative Journey

A Meditative Journey The Promise within the GardenDr. Kim Grom

“The Promise within the Garden”

Dr. Kim Grom Brings You Closer to the Heart of God

Whenever you feel drained of your peace and tranquility, Dr. Kim Grom’s inspirational guidebook, “The Promise within the Garden: A Meditative Journey into the Heart of God” will help bring you closer to God while you enjoy the beauty of scripture and renderings of old, European gardens.

If you believe God is ever-present in your world, Dr. Grom encourages you to connect with God through the aesthetic and peaceful garden. Nature heals as many of us have come to know this year as we face the challenges, fears, uncertainty, and isolation. Whether you’re struggling daily with heartache over the loss of a parent, as I am, or your world has been turned upside down due to economic turmoil, The Promise within the Garden remains a source of inspiration and hope.

TIP: Use your favorite voice recorder app to record your thoughts and feelings during your next garden tour and then automatically

You, of course, must provide the elbow grease, the plants, and the water, but hostess Earth does the rest! Simply begin with the dirt as your canvas, add your favorite garden plants, and you are on your way to creating a spectacular, living scene. A garden of any sort without the hostess, our Earth, is simply impossible!

Dr. Kim Grom, The Promise within the Garden: A Meditative Journey into the Heart of God.”

The Promise within the Garden
What makes a garden thrive? The Hostess Earth steps in and irons out any imperfections.

Ecclesiastes (NIV) says, “To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

Ease your way through the dark days in life with a stroll through your garden. If you don’t have your own plot, consider setting aside a sunny corner of your property or find a garden where you can meditate. Bring the beauty of nature into your world for long-lasting relief from your worries.

Dr. Kim Grom is an author and counselor with a Ph.D. in Philosophy/Counseling from Cornerstone University. She owns a bible bookstore and cafe and a counseling center. Her hobbies include gardening, show dogs and breeding, equestrian activities, hiking, swimming, and public speaking.

You can learn more about Dr. Grom at

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