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I’m a travel writer, award-winning freelance journalist, and photographer with a keen sense of adventure and a lifelong passion for the outdoors. I’m also an artist with a specialty in a Japanese art known as Chigirie, an avid dancer, tennis fanatic, and soccer fan.


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Do you own or represent a resort, inn, spa, restaurant, menu, museum, exhibit, guided tour, or amenity you’d like to share with the world?

If your answer is “Yes,” I can help you to spread the word.

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Either call or send an email to me to discuss a solo media trip. I do not participate in large group media trips because I prefer a one-on-one experience with my travel clients. I’m an award-winning journalist and former PR director and I’ll be happy to help you promote your destination on my blog, social media sites, and other outlets.

Media Trips, Sponsored Posts, Advertising Rates


Please contact me if you’d like to discuss media trips, sponsored posts, and advertising rates. I’ve worked diligently and invested much time and effort to build my following on this site and social media. If you are contacting me regarding a partnership, sponsored content or advertising, please understand I do not offer link exchanges or post your content for free. But by all means, let’s discuss a partnership.

phone: 570-466-0293


Travel Writer
Joan Mead-Matsui, travel writer and award-winning freelance journalist
  • Travel Writer and Photographer
  • Ghost Writer…If you love to travel, but don’t enjoy writing…no problem. I’ll write your story for you.
  • Copywriter for Small Business and Corporations
  • Feature Stories
  • Ad Copy
  • Ad Sponsored Stories
  • On location headshots for business, dating, and social media sites
  • Videography

Travel Videos  NEW! 


Why do you need a video?

A professional video can boost your business leads and your conversion rates and increase the “stickiness” of your website.

I will produce videos that WILL capture your readers’ attention. You’ll increase your Google ranking and offer your “readers” a more tangible view of your business and vacations.

A video is a powerful business tool.

Contact me for more information and rates.


Contact me for rates.



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Thanks! I look forward to hearing from you.

Joan Mead-Matsui

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