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December 14, 2016


Split Rock: affordable family resort

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  • December 14, 2016
affordable family resort

An affordable family resort

Split Rock: more than 1,200 acres of joy

Split Rock Resort is a year-round family-friendly entertainment resort located in the Lake Harmony region of the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.

My focus for summer 2016 was family-friendly vacations and the reaction was pure excitement when my sons learned they would get a shot at Split Rock’s indoor laser tag course and outdoor miniature golf course.  The “boys” (with their dad’s help) pre-selected their activities prior to our arrival at Split Rock and were raring to begin our adventure from the moment we checked in at the resort. We shared two competitive games of miniature golf.

The challenging mini-golf course is situated next to Split Rock’s iconic waterfall on a picturesque tract of land, with the tennis courts and bike rental shed close-by. I’d rate the course as intermediate but younger children can certainly tackle the gentle hills and obstacles with some assistance from an adult. Either way, you will undoubtedly have an hour or two of laughs while you play.

affordable family resort
Family activities, like miniature golf, laser tag, and cycling, teach children there’s more to life than electronics.
Miniature Golf at Split Rock Resort. Photo by Joan Mead-Matsui.


Depending on the time you have allotted for your vacation at Split Rock, or the season, you can plan an afternoon line-up of activities, one after another, or take a break for lunch or dinner. Don’t forget to reserve your time and equipment at the registration desk. Here’s where you’ll find an updated daily list of activities.

affordable family resort
Ready, aim, fire…Kento Matsui sets his sights on winning our hour-long laser tag competition at Split Rock Resort. Photo by Joan Mead-Matsui.

Laser Tag

Tops on my kids’ “must do” list was laser tag. Upon entering the indoor course, clearly, our focus was racking up points as we chased one another around the movable obstacles. Who would have guessed I would finally “get” why my kids are so hooked on the game? Laser tag is today’s version of tag, with the added zing of harmless and painless beams of infrared light that encourages tactical thinking, strategy and focus.

Experience Split Rock on two-wheels

Are you ready to challenge your total body strength? When I travel, one of the first amenities I look for is the bike rental shop and opportunities for mountain biking or mixed terrain cycling.

While I’m not as inclined to set out on a solo uncharted course, family cycling is invigorating and engaging. We chose the open road around Lake Harmony, which offers a variety of gentle and moderate hills to get your heart pumping. Bikes are available at the rental shed adjacent to the miniature golf course and tennis courts.

affordable family resort
Guests can find an updated list of daily activities at the registration desk.

What’s included in your vacation package at Split Rock Resort?

A resort fee, per day recreation fee, will be added to your daily room rate so you can enjoy the hotel services and activities without additional miscellaneous charges. To learn more about the activities included with the fee, click here.

Miniature Golf, for example, is open to the public and priced at $5/Adult | $4 Child/Senior. Birthday and party packages are available. Call (570) 722-9111, ext 671 for more information.

Stroll to the beach

affordable family resort
The beach located near the lodge is a hub of activity. Photo by Joan Mead-Matsui.

Feel the sand between your toes

Our ideal summer getaway is one that includes a refreshing mix of relaxation and entertainment. On a summer day, adults can sip a cocktail at the outdoor bar and when the kids are supervised, stretch out on a blanket and snooze or read a book.

The lodge is ideally located next to Lake Harmony. An afternoon Limbo contest drew laughter as folks of all ages tested their flexibility.

Be sure to get your copy of the activities’ schedule, so you can be at the right place at the right time.

affordable family resort
How low can you go? A “Limbo” challenge was one of the contests held on the beach at Split Rock Resort. A DJ provided the music for this afternoon beach party. Photo by Joan Mead-Matsui.

Nearby mountain streams and the picturesque 125-acre Lake Harmony are a hub for fishing, boating, swimming and year round activities. Celebrate your summer at Lake Harmony. The beach, dock, and pier are a hub for families and daily doings by the water.


affordable family resort
Swimming, kayaks, canoes and fishing will keep your family active.
Lake at Split Rock Resort. Photo by Joan Mead-Matsui.



Photo courtesy of Split Rock Resort.


On-site amenities are plentiful. Split Rock Resort is also the home of the H2Oooohh! indoor water park, a popular splash destination for guests of all ages. Ticket prices are $36 for 42″ or taller and $31 for under 42″. You can reserve the park for parties and events here.

If you crave more fun and adventure, check out the indoor/outdoor pool, golf course, massage center, movie theater, and bowling alley by clicking here.

Suggestions for off-site attractions 

If you venture off-site, you’ll soon discover why the Pocono Mountains region is well-known for its preserved natural beauty, charm, and abundant shopping outlets. You can access a guide to the Poconos here at tripadvisor.com.

Winter weather brings an opportunity to shift your focus to cold weather activities like downhill on one of the nearby slopes and or carve your own path cross-country skiing on the hiking trail of your choice.

Split Rock Resort offers you an unforgettable family vacation. The address is 428 Moseywood Road, Lake Harmony, PA.

You’ll find more information at SplitRockResort.com.

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