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July 11, 2018

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Japanese Culture Before You Go

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  • July 11, 2018
Japanese Culture Before You Go

“Japanese Culture Before You Go” gives you all the reasons you need to learn more about the Japanese and what to expect when you visit. This post is a work in progress.

Japan is a country that cannot be described in a few paragraphs. Japanese culture is complex and deeply rooted in traditions.

If a trip to Japan is in your future, you should set aside some time to check out  ThisIsAmericaTV. Watch host Dennis Wholey delve into a culture that’s both very modern but also deeply rooted in traditions. Wholey also covers a plethora of other topics related to other countries. In particular, Episode 1822 “ Japan: Tradition & Culture,” describes so beautifully Wholey’s “experiences with “the profound cultural depth of Japan.”

The show notes highlight Wholey’s accounts of what he refers to as “one of the most modern countries on earth.”

“Japan is still rooted in its traditions and culture. Segments focus on meditation in the mountain temples of Koyasan, traditional Washoku cuisine in Kyoto, and Shinto beliefs at the Meiji Shrine in the heart of Tokyo.”

On a personal note, with a name like “Matsui,” you can surmise why I continue to be so intrigued by Japanese culture. My husband was born and raised in Japan and on two separate occasions, I had an opportunity to experience the culture, food, and language firsthand. Plan your trip before you leave and be sure to schedule time for shopping in one of the world’s most fashion-conscious countries. You will be amazed at the selection of shops and department stores with some of the most courteous sales associates you will find anywhere.

As your plane prepares for landing at one of Japan’s airports, just before your aircraft lands, chances are you’ll see rice fields mingled with other crops or small crops tucked away between homes and businesses.

Visit my website https://chigirie.com to see examples of Chigirie, the Japanese art of painting with paper. During our month-long visits to the “Land of the Rising Sun,” we visited close to 30 temples and shrines. Japanese temples exude spirituality, harmony with nature, and a culture that is oftentimes mysterious. This video is a great place to begin your Japanese cultural immersion.

Did Wholey reinforce your opinions of Japan? If yes, why?

Japanese temples shrines
Experience centuries’-old architecture and culture in Japanese temples and shrines.

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