Destination Wedding:

How to Make it Special for Everyone


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Today, people are looking for something new and exciting, be it in their career or weddings.

Speaking of weddings, there is a new trend in town that seems to be redefining the basics of the wedding ceremony for good. Thankfully, everyone is now fed up with over-the-top wedding functions and the stress that comes from micromanaging them at every turn.

More and more couples are opting for the relaxing and fun-filled destination wedding option to make sure that their wedding day turns out to be super special not just for them but for everyone involved.

Are you dreaming of a destination wedding?

Your family, your to-be in-laws, their guests and everyone else that just happens to pass by your destination wedding venue will surely catch a glimpse of the breathtaking view that it unfailingly projects.

Now, if you want your destination wedding to be as legendary as it has been portrayed in latest bridal magazine covers and social media posts then you need to take care of only a few crucial things. In fact, the hospitality and wedding industry is proactive enough nowadays to guess all your requirements right beforehand and offer you just the package you are looking for.

Still, there are some things that you need to take care of. And for that, you can take a quick look at the few essential points mentioned below and be all set for your big day (or the big week…as your schedule and budget might allow!).

5 Ways to Make Your Destination Wedding OUTSTANDING!


So when you think about your wedding, you don’t particularly imagine the biggest celebration of the century. But what you do imagine is a memorable time that is cherished equally by you and your loved ones.

Planning ahead while keeping the common interest in mind is of prime importance. Organizing a wedding ceremony at a third location does require you to do a bit of homework, no matter how many helping hands you get on the way.

The good news is, planning a destination wedding is far easier and lower on stress as compared to your traditional banquet hall ceremonies. Think of it more like an extended family vacation at the end of which you two crazy kids decide to elope but with your entire family in tow! 

  1. Destination is Everything


You might think that as long as it is exotic, it is perfect for a destination wedding but that is not quite so. See, you don’t want to be freezing in your wedding pictures. Nor do you want to appear as a melting snow cone in your wedding Instagram feed. You want to look flawless! Or at least your usual joyful self.

To make that happen, you need a destination that brings out your cheerful vibrant side. That can be arranged with a Caribbean destination wedding where the balmy weather always seems to be playing hide and seek with the sun.

The destination can be any other remote or popular island spot (as your preference might be) or even a place not too far removed from the shores such that you get to enjoy the breezy weather from the second you step into your wedding venue.

If you can afford to fly in all your guests to the wedding destination then it’s great. Else, you must pick a destination that is easily accessible and not too hard on the frequent air miles of your kith and kins. Your wedding should not be the event where your relatives and close friends have to pay through the nose just to reach the location on time.

  1. Keep Tabs on the Weather


So you picked a calm and serene location for your wedding. But, when you finally arrived with your entire bandwagon, it was raining cats and dogs. The hair-curling humidity became the common theme of the party and your wedding pictures are going to be a proof of this slip-up forever. You don’t want this to be the uncomfortable reality of your big day.

To make sure that your finalized wedding spot remains as appealing during your ceremony, it is always advisable to coordinate with the local authorities. Or, you can always google how the weather conditions usually are around the time you have scheduled your nuptials. These small but notable precautions will help you evade any major disaster thus making sure that your special day is a smooth sailing affair.

Most the popular wedding locations have proper facilities for wedding processions complete with a qualified wedding planner. So you can always pick their brain about the best timing for an all out gala or quiet ceremony. They will give you professional advice and save you from learning harsh lessons about the local weather firsthand.

  1. Plan Out the Budget


When it comes to planning events, somehow the budget always keeps on burgeoning no matter how hard you try to conform it according to your requirements. The best way to troubleshoot this age-old problem is by planning your wedding around the budget. This way you will know best what you absolutely cannot do without in your wedding and what can be easily avoided.

The wedding industry has become a billion dollar business not today but it has been so since time immemorial. And it is not just the story of one country or continent. Extravagant weddings are the trend that we humans have been blindly following since the beginning of civilization. So be smart and use the resourcefulness of the global wedding empire to your advantage.

Instead of following trends, opt for the traditions that have been passed down in your family for generations. This way you will be preserving the sanctity of the wedding ceremony without giving in to the superfluous temptations. Usually, even after all this careful budget monitoring, you will surely end up spending just a bit over your prefixed budget. But if by some miracle, you are left with something to spare then you can always extend your stay in the heaven!

  1. Pamper Thou Guests


Guests. Without them, there is no party but with the troublemaker types, you end up putting out fires all night. So, you need your guests to be in a state where they are just too busy to start some trouble but not busy enough to notice all that you have planned out just for them. You can either take care of this with the help of your family or you can hire an expert wedding planner that specializes in making the guests swoon over your party-planning skills!

5 Tips to Make Your Destination Wedding Fantastic
Focus on everyone’s needs and likes when planning a destination wedding that includes family and friends.

Your close relatives, friends and all other well-meaning acquaintances who have flown out from different corners of the globe do deserve to be pampered quite a bit during their stay. And in order to let them know how much you appreciate their efforts and them in general, you can plan a string of activities and gifts around their hobbies and preferences.

By planning out something special for everyone in attendance, you will only be adding more glory to your day. So instead of focusing on only what pleases you, plan it out to include the likes of everyone. Your celebration will become the talk of the town, or at least your social circle for as long as the next similarly amazing get-together comes along!

  1. …And Don’t Forget to have Tons of Fun!


Planning (Use this 6-month Wedding Planning Timeline), budgeting, tracking and a lot of other activities will fill up your weekends and sometimes even weekdays right before your bohemian destination wedding. But you must make sure that you have tons of fun every step of the way. Because that is the only reason you are flying half way across the globe along with everyone you love and care about.

It is important to be organized and prepared in life and it’s big as well as small events. But when we forget to enjoy the ride, the efforts become useless. So, make a fun-filled wedding your priority. Then add a dash of exotic destination flavor to it. Season it with DIY group activities and you will have the recipe of a perfect matrimonial celebration ready in no time!

 Concluding Thoughts


Our life has only a handful of milestone moments, and how we approach and celebrate these moments will ultimately shape us. These moments are temporary pauses that life gives us to reflect on how we’ve lived until now and how we would like to continue. A wedding is a double celebration for the two individuals who are about to enter into a holy matrimony and start an all new journey, together.

You want to make the right start to this timeless journey. And what better way to do so than by picking a destination that you both like and inviting all your friends and family to celebrate this union and shower you with their blessings. This will give you a chance to sneak into a world of your own for a while and admire how beautifully your life is actually shaping up.

And gazing up to see the starry night sky from time to time with someone really special!

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