Canyoning: Why the Outdoors is Good for Your Soul

The Benefits of an Active Life

By Itziar Miranda, Tenerife, The Canary Islands (Spain)

What is a passion for nature? For me, that question has a simple answer. Passion is that feeling that moves you and makes you try new ways to do the things you enjoy.

Passion is the activity, sport, food, book, or whatever it is that makes you feel like the world has stopped. It is the moment when you can look around and see and hear new things that bring on the flow of adrenaline from the inside out. It’s that “something” that makes you feel like you are soaring above the clouds. As a result, you feel big and strong, motivated, and at the same time, relaxed and comfortable with yourself.

Canyoning and a passion for outdoor activities
Canyoning and other outdoor activities can help you find your passion.

For me, that passion is called canyoning, a new way of living in nature. Canyoning is more than a sport or even a hobby. By definition, canyoning means exploring a canyon by engaging in such activities as rappelling, rafting, and waterfall jumping but I see it as a new way of living in the natural world.

Canyoning forced me to stop for a moment and it taught me to feel calm, to be a part of what was going on around me. It makes me become aware of new sounds and views, even though they have always been there.

Nature is a part of you. It makes you feel happy and, at the same time, relaxed, meditative, and more creative.

Have you found your passion? You need to find yours because passion moves you and makes you want to be more proactive, to try a new thing, to feel a new feeling, to experiment, and to let your mind and body go beyond the normal and everyday things.

And it is so wonderful when you have it so close to you. Because, yes! Passion is all around you. You will feel it at one specific moment of your life and you will know that it is the one for you.

For this reason, when you find your passion, do not let it go, and do not give up. Follow it, practice it, be constant, because the benefits are so big… Nothing can compare to it, so you just have to keep moving forward, dedicate your free time and enjoy it.

Most of all, you deserve to be happy and experience all those feelings that will help you stay full of life.


Throughout my studies and my working life, I have learned to manage, plan, deal with different people, work in a team, cope with problems and incidents and make each employer feel like an integral part of every project which I have worked on. I pride myself on having three skills that define me – listening to my clients’ needs, empathy, and teamwork.

I always want to learn, listen to others, and get the most out of any situation that may help me grow both on a personal and professional level. I am keen on punctuality and on a well-done job, and on reaching and going beyond the goals and objectives.

I am passionate about taking on challenges and conquering them, without any hesitation, using my entire arsenal of knowledge and tools that I have acquired. I have an untiring desire to work and to help others achieve growth as well. I am motivated and I have the attitude, aptitude, and willingness to deal with new projects with a vision for the future.

One of my goals is to create a community of people who enjoy travel, outdoor sports activities, with a focus on eco-tourism and sustainability.

The community I am referring to is one where like-minded individuals have a place to talk and share experiences about all that nature has given us. Above all, achieving optimum health is more than staying in shape. Reach out to me with your thoughts and suggestions about how we can work together to make the world healthier and happier through nature.

What is canyoning? Here’s one example of canyoning.

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