All About Birds: Northeast US and Canada

Birdwatching 101: Learn with The Cornell Lab of Ornithology

The Best Bird Field Guide – All About Birds covers 198 species with updated information from the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website,

You’re out for a walk in the woods and a friend points to a bird perched on a tree limb. If you’re lucky enough to have a copy of the best bird field guide I’ve seen, “All About Birds, Northeast US and Canada,” you’d have access to in-depth information about 198 species.

Thanks to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology’s website, “,” and Princeton Press, the publisher, the guide covers many of the Northeast’s most beautiful birding and wildlife habitats from coastal regions to your own backyard.

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Why do you need this field guide?

With more than 800 species of birds in the U.S. and Canada, chances are a beginning bird watcher can only identify a small percentage of the birds we spot. All About Birds allows you to expand your horizons to include not only the Robin, Bluejay, Cardinal, Finch, and Woodpecker families, but also lesser-known birds like the Northern Harrier and the American Coot.

So the next time you’re spending an afternoon outdoors and someone asks “Hey, do you see that bird on the top branch? What type of bird is that?” you’ll pull out this outstanding reference guide and rattle off the “Size & Shape,” “Color Pattern,” “Behavior,” and Habitat.” The guide offers four ID photos per bird, updated range maps of bird locations, a full-color visual index, and free access to the companion Merlin Bird ID app available through the Cornell Lab.

Ready to venture outdoors?

Before you go, take this Bird Quiz.
Where can you find Barred Owls?

What does the Common Tern nest?

How does the Peregrine Falcon catch its prey?

The answers to these and other questions are available in the guide.

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