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Brenda Tharp: Photographer and Naturalist

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  • April 17, 2018
Expressive Nature Photography
Expressive Nature Photography
Brenda Tharp shares her skills and techniques.

Acclaimed Photographer and Avid Adventurer Shares Techniques

Expressive Nature Photography 

“Expressive Nature Photography: Design, Composition, and Color In Outdoor Imagery” author Brenda Tharp makes a very clear distinction between photos that are creative versus correct.

To clarify that statement and not underplay the importance of knowing your camera and its settings inside and out, Tharp, a landscape, travel, and fine art photographer with more than 30 years experience, offers her readers an extraordinary guide to adding emotion and creativity to their photos. Don’t be mistaken. She covers in depth the technical details of photography, from the camera settings as they relate to light, exposure, and composition and inspires photographers to get outside early in the day and late at night to capture nature’s drama and beauty without the harshness of mid-day lighting.

Shooting at night, using filters to create long exposures, creating natural effects using light painting, and following and breaking the rules of composition are a few of the topics Tharp covers in this magnificent instructional book.  More than 250 awe-inspiring outdoor images drive home her point that we can all improve our approach to nature photography.

Does having a working knowledge of your camera guarantee an extraordinary photo? No, and most photographers encounter more than one roadblock on their journeys from beginner to expert or professional photographer. Tharp cultivates a greater understanding of how and when photographers should stray from the rules of composition.

Whether you use a high-tech, point-and-shoot, or cell phone camera, Tharp will teach you to move beyond what you already know about photography through a series of challenging exercises and tips. Each page features Tharp’s brilliant photographs as examples of the end result of combining masterful technique with a trained eye for detail. Her instruction is practical and inspiring.

Expressive Nature Photography is published by Monacelli Press, An imprint of The Monacelli Press, More information about Tharp’s upcoming workshops can be found at or visit


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