When He Learned Baseball Would Be His Future

Atlanta Braves Pitcher Reminisces

“For me, and I’m sure as well as the other guys on the team, I think the mindset coming out of the NLCS (National League Championship Series) was that we proved to all of baseball that we belong and are good enough to compete and make it to the World Series and even win it.”

Bryse Wilson

My “Bryse Wilson On Baseball and Travel” interview with Atlanta Braves pitcher, Bryse Wilson, took shape only days after the NLCS playoff. Scroll down for my exclusive Q & A interview with Bryse as he reminisces about his role in this much-anticipated best-of-seven series, his affinity for hunting and fishing, and of course, travel. We can’t forget about the power travel has on our lives, emotions, and imagination.

Bryse Wilson, Atlanta Braves Pitcher
Bryse Wilson on Baseball and Travel
The opportunity to interview Bryse Wilson couldn’t have come at a better time – only days after the NLCS (National League Championship Series. Many thanks to Mich Faulkner and Jeff Krauss for arranging this interview.

What are his thoughts about baseball, the playoffs, and hunting and fishing? Where does Bryse spend his spare time? The interview begins here and we hope you enjoy learning more about Atlanta Braves pitcher, Bryse Wilson.

Joan: Please give my readers background information including your hometown and evolution into baseball. Where did you grow up? What led you to the Atlanta Braves baseball team? Are you married or single?

Bryse: My name is Bryse Wilson, I grew up in Hillsborough, NC and I have lived there all my life and still do. About a year ago I bought a house right outside of Hillsborough in Timberlake.

I started playing baseball at probably the age of 4 (whenever you start tee ball) and I have played since. Growing up I liked baseball but my real love was football. Around my freshman year of high school is when I learned that baseball was going to be my future. I have a girlfriend that I’ve been dating for about a year now and her name is Rebecca Herring. She is in pharmacy school at the University of Tennessee. 

Bryse doesn’t have a lot of time to travel during the MLB season but in the off-season, he hunts and fishes and spends as much time as possible with his girlfriend, Rebecca Herring, a pharmacy student at the University of Tennessee.
Joan: What impact did the 2020 NLCS have on you? What are a few of the positive aspects of playing in this year’s series?

Bryse: I think the biggest impact that the 2020 NLCS had on me was getting the experience of pitching in the playoffs. As a young pitcher, sometimes that can be a little overwhelming, but I am extremely happy with how I handled it and the outing that I was able to put together. For me, and I’m sure as well as the other guys on the team, I think the mindset coming out of the NLCS was that we proved to all of baseball that we belong and are good enough to compete and make it to the World Series and even win it. 

Joan: How has COVID-19 affected your life and your Atlanta Braves team members?

Bryse: I think the biggest way that COVID affected my teammates and I is just in the everyday aspect of testing every other day, and then every day in the playoffs, all of the protocols at the field that were different, and then the bubble and being isolated from the rest of society.

Bryse Wilson Atlanta Braves Pitcher
He looks to hunting, fishing, and traveling when he’s not playing baseball.
Joan: How did this virus affect your ability to practice and play baseball?

Bryse: I think that overall the season went really well and once we grew accustomed to everything (protocol and testing) we definitely made the best of it.

Joan: What positive impact did this year’s world series have on the world returning to its fascination with baseball?

Bryse: I think the World Series and the competitiveness of the playoffs as a whole gave everybody a sense of normalcy during the pandemic and I think that it probably helped a lot of people out. 

Joan: How has baseball affected your life and your travel opportunities?

Bryse: Baseball has affected my life in so many different ways. I love being able to go to these new places and see the stadiums and explore the cities that they are in. I think the biggest impact that it has had on my life is all of the friendships that I have made and the friendships that will last a lifetime.  

Joan: As a celebrity, what role have you personally played in battling this disease or helping the world recover emotionally?

Bryse: I think the biggest thing that I’ve done is just showing everybody how to prevent becoming infected and the proper protocols that were seen through tv and casting of the games.

Bryse Wilson on one of his fishing adventures.
An avid outdoorsman, Bryse is shown on one of his fishing adventures.
Joan: What will you do the same or differently to prepare for next year’s baseball season?

Bryse: I think I’m going to continue to eat healthily and stay on top of my conditioning. In the past, I’ve done a little bit more traditional lifting in the offseason whereas this offseason I think I’m going to do more of a baseball-specific type of lifting. I’m going to use more technology during my bullpens to help improve my individual pitches and really focus on consistency and command.

Joan: Do you currently endorse products? What type of endorsements fits into your lifestyle? How can you use your name to improve lives?

Bryse: As of now, the only thing that I endorse is my on-field stuff which are Rawlings gloves and Mizuno cleats. Off the field, I would love to be able to have some hunting endorsements. That’s what most of my offseason is. I don’t really travel that much because I hunt for deer and duck all the time. And I feel like I can use my name to help people feel comfortable and be proud of where they come from. I’m from a small town and I absolutely love it. I love every aspect of it and I want to show people that it’s okay to be from small places and to be able to be proud of it.

Joan: Please tell us a few of your hobbies and interests outside of baseball. What do you like to do in your free time? Do you fish or hike?

Bryse: My favorite hobbies outside of baseball are fishing and hunting. I love to do both. Whether is going to the lake to catch catfish or just bass fishing in a local pond I love to fish. As far as hunting I love Whitetail and duck hunting. I have a good group of friends and that’s what we do all offseason. I enjoy shooting skeet too.

Myrtle Beach, SC is a hot vacation spot for celebrity travelers like Bryse Wilson.
Bryse is shown enjoying time off from baseball in Myrtle Beach, SC, with Rebecca Herring.
Joan: What percentage do you travel for the team and leisure travel and when you have spare time while you’re away, how do you spend your time?

Bryse: I would say the vast majority of my travel is with the team during the season. In the offseason, I may take a short 3-4 day trip but other than that all of my time is spent prepping and scouting to hunt and then the actual hunting itself.

Where do MLB celebrities go on vacation? Niagara Falls
Bryse Wilson’s recent Niagara Falls vacation adventure
Joan: How does travel fit into your life and what are a few of your favorite destinations?

Bryse: I don’t do that much traveling but when I do in the offseason I love to go to mountain areas. I really enjoy the North Carolina mountains and I’ve been to Gatlinburg, TN a few times. I went to Myrtle Beach, SC last offseason as well as Gatlinburg. I’ve also been to Niagara Falls and that was pretty cool to see.

Joan: What’s one city and/or country you’ve visited that stands out as pivotal and why?

Bryse: I would say that the one city that I really like the most is Gatlinburg, TN. I like it because when I go it’s usually just me, my brother (Payton), my mom (Tracey), and my dad (Chad). It’s just super relaxing and it’s always a good time for us to spend time together. 

Joan: What travel tips do you want to share with my readers?

Bryse: If I have any travel tips the one that I would give is to really take in as much as you can when you do travel. See and experience everything that you can and take a lot of pictures. I sometimes don’t do that enough, but pictures really remind you and sometimes let you relive those moments when you traveled.

Gatlinburg, TN with an Atlanta Braves pitcher
Family travel is important to Bryse, shown left, with from left, dad, Chad, mom, Tracey and brother Payton during a trip to Gatlinburg, TN.

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