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“So You Want to Start a Side Hustle”

Carrie Bohlig and Craig Clickner Help You Build a Business That Empowers You to Live Your Life, Your Way

Husband-wife entrepreneur team Carrie Bohlig and Craig Clickner teamed up with McGraw Hill to publish an attention-getting guide that will propel you on your way to starting your own Side Hustle.

A side hustle is a job that produces income above and beyond your main job but depending on the nature of your business and how much time and effort you devote, there is the potential for you to earn a substantial income.

“So You Want to Start a Side Hustle: Build a Business that Empowers You to Live Your Life, Your Way” is 2021’s answer to building a business that will bring you extra income and potentially change your lifestyle. If leaving your full-time job is one of your goals, I encourage you to get your hands on a copy.

In times of profound uncertainty, particularly after having more than a year to test drive working from home, chances are you found ways to stay motivated. If you lost your job or you found the shift back to the traditional 9 to 5 workplace daunting, carving a side hustle could be a viable option if you’re willing to move beyond the idea and start-up phases.

The side hustle journey often involves a brush with the unknown and a fear of failure. Don’t let trepidation stand in your way. Carrie and Craig will teach you about Progressive Passive and passive incomes and equip you with the tools you’ll need to define your goals and set up your business for success.

Whether your gig is public speaking or starting a non-profit, take your dreams and ideas and move forward using their accomplishments as a guide.

In their words, “Everything we have built started out as a side hustle or still is. What we share in this book is relevant because we have lived it. It is not theoretical, statistical, or academic, but an authentic testament of our own ordinariness that we hope empowers you. People don’t talk enough about progressive, incremental growth and just how deeply powerful a side hustle approach can be.”

Here are a few of the topics you can expect to find.

  • Why you should elevate WHO you surround yourself with before and while deciding WHAT side hustle you’ll pursue. 
  • Mindset v. Lifeset: what’s the difference, and how does it impact your side hustle success?
  • What is progressive-passive income and how can you create it through a side hustle?
  • You already have a brand but your side hustle needs a brand too.  How to create it.
  • How and why to evaluate business systems, not products, for entrepreneurship success.

You can purchase So You Want to Start a Side Hustle using my link. I highly recommend you read their book and refer to their tips when you encounter roadblocks that could sabotage your business dreams. Expect hurdles. They are inevitable but having mentors helps you overcome bumps in the road.

Learn more about authors, Carrie Bohlig and Craig Clickner on LinkedIn.

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