Can You Make Money Blogging Online? – A Shocking Truth!

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  • May 26, 2018

Can You Make Money Blogging Online – You’ll be surprised with the answer!

You can click the link above to check out the blog post I told in the video. But if you want to go directly to the training done by Ryan Deiss, follow this link –

So here are the things we’ve been taught:

Add blog posts to our sites regularly
Do guest blogging
Monetize our sites through affiliate marketing or Google Adsense
Wait for steady income

The thing is we failed! Because:

With today’s too much competition, traditional blogging won’t cut it anymore.
Even that commonly taught guest posting is really not that effective.

Well, there’s now a New Twist for Blogging

What you can do rather is:

Make an authority site.
Find writers with a great reach to write for you.

Although you can still make money by applying the traditional blogging, it will already be hard since you are competing with so many internet marketers doing exactly the same thing. Thus, it is better for you to leave that old method and try this new way we discovered (I mean we did through Ryan). Join us in this ride and let’s enjoy the success together by applying some new techniques. There are only few people doing these things so we got a better chance of making success out of it!


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