Five Strategies to be an Effective Blogger

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  • May 26, 2018
Do you want to be an effective blogger? Do you

want to know what it means to be an effective

blogger. Fasten your seatbelt I’ll be right back

Hey Chris here from Chris’s voice in video coming

to you from my home office here in Tampa Florida

and in this video I’m going to go over five

strategies to help you become an effective

blogger. Did you know that 90% of blogs end up in

cyberspace junk yard? If you don’t want your

blogs that end up in the trash heap then pay

attention to these five tips that I have for you.

One of the most common hurdles new bloggers have

to overcome is finding content for topics to blog

about, as a result of not blogging regularly

attracting visitors to their posts is almost

nonexistent. To the search engine landscape this

is suicide, To be a successful blogger you want

to get into the habit of writing daily posts,

some successful bloggers post more than once a

day. It’s fresh content of high quality, thats

what counts today, and if you can’t stay in the

game with any regularity your chances of success

are minimal. The key to being a successful

blogger is writing quality content on a regular

basis so that your work and efforts will be

perceived as valuable to your following and

visitors,and this is accomplished by adding fresh

quality content on a regular basis. When you add

fresh quality content, you will see the

relationships that you begin to build with your

readers, skyrocket and engagement will be up as

well.So let’s go over the key strategies that

will help you not only become a better blogger

but will make your blogging efforts easier.

Strategy number one, the old saying if you don’t

plan you plan to fail is so true. So planning

ahead is vital. Here’s what I do and I suggest

you do the same, I write my content and save it

to a text document, and in my leisure I take my

time editing and then save it to a text

doc.publishing later . There are many

applications or programs available to schedule

your posts for future release, for instance I

might write three blogs posts in one day, save

them to a folder edit them and drip them into my

blog over a period of time. The second strategy,

and every blogger from time to time struggles

with this dilema, what to write about. If you

have a particular niche, write about a wide range

of topics related to that. Some suggestions that

will keep a fresh supply of content coming to you

is, subscribed to Google alerts for trending

subjects, visit other blogs relating to your

niche, social media sites are probably the best

source of information to find out what is being

discussed and on the minds of people. If you’re

able to give your visitors and subscribers fresh

content that is current it won’t be long before

you will be considered an authority in that

niche. Strategy number three don’t shy away of

introducing some controversy in your post, this

tactic is good for sparking discussion. Always

remember to ask for comments from your visitors

when your visitors begin to engage in your post

there becomes an interaction of commenting and

you will see that more visitors will begin value

your content and look forward to your posts.

Strategy number four, as I mentioned previously

social media sites are excellent sources of

information on subjects that are relevant to what

people are currently interested in. One such site

is Yahoo answers, use this site to research the

sort of questions real people are asking, that

way you can give your visitors a solution to the

issues and situations that they are currently

facing in your blog . Strategy number five was

given to me by a good friend of mine one of my

mentors, gave me this idea of how to always have

fresh content available for blogging, think of

the many times you have gone to seminars,

webcasts, business meetings and have taken notes

from individuals that are leaders and top earners

in your industry.These notes are a source that

can be used for your blog posts in fact one of my

mentors referred to these notes as uncashed

checks, think of how many notes you have with

valuable information that can be turned into a

blog post that could benefit someone. So break

out those notebooks uncashed checks you have

stashed in the cupboard, review them, think of

how how you’re going to transfer them into a blog

post that will inspire someone and more

importantly generate a lead and eventually a

sale. If you got some value from this video leave

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