Warm Your Heart; Relax Your Mind

Massage: A Natural Stress Remedy

A massage IS without a doubt, one of the best natural remedies. For example, when everyday stressors are taking their toll on your general well-being, opt for a Hand & Stone massage treatment.

Now’s the time to schedule an hour of sheer massage bliss that I guarantee will help you relax and calm your nerves.

Hand & Stone, with more than 300 locations, offers a variety of spa options from massages to facials and hair removal. My lifelong friend and I elevate a Hand & Stone massage to the top of our list of “girlfriend” activities when I visit her at her home in West Chester, PA.

Make Time for Yourself

If you don’t have hours to spare, you’ll find at least one massage treatment that’ll loosen your tight muscles and lessen the impact tension has on your body.

Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa Lobby Glen Mills, PA
When you step into a Hand & Stone lobby, you’ll find a friendly staff and a bustling waiting area filled with customers. Make it a point to do something wonderful for yourself. Book an appointment. Photos courtesy of Hand & Stone.

A Massage Offers Relief from TMJ

During my most recent visit, I arrived at Hand & Stone seeking relief from an ongoing TMJ ( temporomandibular) issue — an annoying and sometimes painful jaw ailment. TMJ is, at times, attributed to jaw clenching and teeth grinding.

Try A Gentle Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage, the most popular of all massages was the perfect fit. Some of the benefits of massage are reduced muscle tension, improved circulation, and the reduction of stress hormones. Even after my treatment, the positive effects lasted for days and reminded me to take care of myself every day.

Hand & Stone Massage Therapy Room
Hand & Stone Massage Therapy Rooms are ultra-private, climate-controlled, with soft lighting, and relaxing music playing in the background.

Finding a Massage Therapist

Finding a licensed massage therapist with the skills and touch necessary to soothe your tired, weary muscles is often a trial and error process. We all have different criteria for determining the ultimate massage. But for me, it’s a gentle touch and pressure that reach the muscle without the tenderness afterward.

Hand & Stone Lobby Offers Beauty Solutions that support health, wellness, and beauty.

Hand & Stone offers solutions that support health, wellness, AND beauty. Browse the products before or after your spa treatment.

Relaxation Therapy

Sandi, a Hand & Stone licensed massage therapist, came to my rescue. Her calming voice, combined with a gentle touch alleviated the muscle tension I was holding onto throughout my aching jaw. From the moment we met in the lounge, her immediate goal was to set the stage for a memorable and therapeutic experience. Using moderate pressure, she relaxed the muscles from the base of my neck, along my shoulders to my face and jaw.

Not sure what treatment is best for you?

The Hand & Stone menu has a variety of options from Swedish and Himalayan Salt to Decompression Therapy. Combine a massage and a facial and leave the shop feeling extraordinary.

Appointments are recommended but walk-ins are welcome. You’ll find the hours particularly convenient. Hand & Stone is open seven days a week, with extended hours.

Visit Hand & Stone

In six weeks, the shop will move to a larger location in the same shopping plaza. The new address will be 301 Buyers Drive, Concordville Town Centre, Glen Mills, PA. Call (610) 361-6171 to schedule an appointment or visit https://handandstone.com to find a store near you.


Rest assured, my massage was comped but my opinions are my own and based solely on my experience.


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