When Life Knocks You Down

When life’s hurdles get in your way, come back to read Eric Power’s tips to help you get back on your feet.

By Eric Power


Eric Power, Veterans Disability Help, and his newly released book, “Don’t Shoot Your Future Self” have been featured in 360 Magazine, KCEN-TV, Authority Magazine/ Medium.com, MSN, KHOU 11, WGRZ, Sirius XM Radio, and other media outlets.

Eric leads the way in helping veterans with their VA disability benefits as the Veterans Disability Help, LLC owner and operator. He has served more than 2,500 veterans since he incorporated his business in March 2015, and he has redirected over 2.1 MILLION dollars a month from the VA back to the veterans in VA Disability Benefits. Veterans Disability Help is a professional firm with a team of dedicated individuals for veterans and their families in need of VA disability assistance.

Learn to meditate or take time to be quiet
Learn to meditate and breathe through life’s problems.

How To Get Back on Your Feet When Life Knocks You Down inspires and drives home the point that you CAN get past the roadblocks. Follow these tips every day of your life to reap the rewards of a positive outlook.

  1. Actively remind yourself you are capable. One of the biggest challenges,
    when faced with life’s obstacles, is fear. The fear that you are not capable can
    consume some and is the driving factor in the loss of motivation. Next time you
    begin to find yourself worried about your ability to face the challenge in front of
    you, remind yourself of the challenges that have come before that you
    conquered. Remind yourself of the powerful person you are because if you
    can’t be in your own corner, who can.
  2. Figure out what can be done now. Don’t let the challenge hold you hostage.
    You may not be able to move past it all at once. Maybe it’s too large of an
    emotional burden to get over in a day, or maybe finding a new job will take
    time. Don’t let the amount of time it may take stop you from acting today.
  3. Seek Support. No man or woman is an island. There is no amount of work,
    effort, or aid that you can produce that is greater than that of many. Just as you
    need to believe in yourself, you need to find others to reinforce and support
    that belief. The big challenges in life will require you to find support.
  4. Reinforce success. We’ve all heard the expression, “Rome was not built in a
    day.” So to your biggest challenges may not be solvable in a day. While we are
    not all blessed with patience, rewarding yourself when you are on the right path
    and doubling down on activities or actions that reinforce your success will
    strengthen your resolve.
  5. Forgive yourself. The unspoken pain of most of life’s big challenges is guilt.
    The guilt that you are not performing or able. The guilt that you may deserve
    this challenge. The guilt will only serve to further isolate you in your challenge
    and will get in the way of any support you may seek. Forgiving yourself opens
    the door for others to do the same. As I’ve often said, “Don’t Shoot Your Future Self.”
Nature heals. If possible, spend time outdoors.
Nature heals. If possible, spend some time outdoors.

For More Information, visit: www.veterandisabilityhelp.com | www.dontshootyourfutureself.com

Publisher’s Note:

Many thanks to Eric Power for his informative tips and positive thoughts that will get us through the many challenges we face in the world and in our lives.

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