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(A Book Review by Joan Matsui) 


“ON THE BRINK: A FRESH LENS TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO NEW HEIGHTS” is a gem for business owners and entrepreneurs who are diligently working to increase business and serve their clients.
“ON THE BRINK: A FRESH LENS TO TAKE YOUR BUSINESS TO NEW HEIGHTS” could spell a new beginning for your business. 


When I asked CEOS to tell me a single success story about how their company had innovated, or how they had done something beyond a product improvement or incremental innovation, they would stammer and stutter. ~Andi Simon, Ph.D.

Simon, a corporate anthropologist and the founder of Simon Associates Management Consultants (SAMC), coaches business owners and leaders as they strive to discover their “Aha!” moment. She utilizes a variety of progressive strategies to help her clients excel and standout.

ON THE BRINK offers eye-opening power solutions.


Extensive research on a variety of levels can help a business owner determine how to solve business problems that have resulted in dwindling sales, a slow or lack of growth, or fierce competition. Simon shares her insights and unlocks solutions and opportunities the business owner didn’t know existed or wasn’t sure how to implement.

“Once a company defines success in a particular way, its employees tell that story, think that way, and work to make the story come true. But when the story stops working, you need a new one,” Simon wrote.

A medical center facing financial issues and a rural university struggling with a declining enrollment are among her clients. Simon has appeared on “Good Morning America” and has been featured in “The Washington Post,” “Business Week,” and “Forbes” and contributes articles to “Fierce Healthcare,” “Executive Street Blog,” and “American Banker.”

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Learn more about Simon, listen to her podcast, or discover how she can help your business at andisimon.com.


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