Meet Elyse Notarianni
Elyse Notarianni, guest travel writer Photo by Joan Mead-Matsui

Meet Elyse Notarianni…

I am Elyse Notarianni and I will be working as a guest blogger for I am a junior at American University in Washington, DC studying Spanish and Print Journalism.

I’ve always loved to write, but I never thought I would ever have the ability to work as a journalist. I didn’t think I had anything substantial to say. But as I started gaining more freedom to choose my own classes and activities, I realized I gravitated towards writing activities.

I first started writing for American’s chapter of Her Campus as a weekly contributor. One of my first articles, Scranton in The Office Versus Scranton in Real Life, received more than 82,000 views in the first week, was the site’s top national story for three days, and was featured on local radio station’s social media accounts. That’s when I realized that I can be a writer if I want to, and I might even succeed.

Since then, I have written articles for The Odyssey, press releases and event coverage for local businesses, and have been working as a writer and editor for an upcoming website called

Writing for this blog has given me the opportunity to learn from an experienced journalist about what it means to write for such a strong community like ours in Northeastern Pennsylvania. Travel writing is new to me, but I look forward to the challenge.

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