MTC Report on Purchasing Legal Marijuana Products In Seattle

Journalist/musician reports on legal cannabis (marijuana) products purchased in Seattle. Washington State legalized the recreational use of marijuana and it has become a multi billion dollar industry. The state issued over 300 licenses to businesses who can sell legal retail pot to anyone over the age of 21. MTC explains vaporizers, cannabis oils, art glass pipes and marijuana preparations including beverages and cookies (edibles). Taylor-Canfield has been reporting on legalization issues since 2012 and has been a guest speaker at the world’s largest pot festival – Seattle Hempfest where 100,000 people gather annually along Seattle’s waterfront. Here’s a link to his interview by Seattle Hempfest founder Vivian McPeak at
Seven US states have now made recreational cannabis legal to possess, buy and sell. In Washington, people are allowed to possess up to one ounce of pot for personal usage. It is illegal, however, to sell marijuana without an official license issued by the state of Washington. Surprisingly, the US federal government still considers cannabis a dangerous illegal drug. The disagreement between federal versus state laws has been a controversial issue at the Department of Justice but no federal authorities have raided the Washington State retail shops. The IRS does not allow any of the pot businesses to write off most of their expenses for tax purposes.

Journalist/musician Mark Taylor-Canfield started a radio theater project as a tribute to vintage radio plays and detective novel writers like Raymond Chandler & Mickey Spillane. MTC decided that Seattle needed it’s own private eye circa 1947.

The Nick Savage Private Eye character is copyrighted by Mark Taylor-Canfield. The gumshoe is based on the main character in his novel.

Mark credits his grandfather Charles Jacobs and his father Floyd Canfield for inspiring him to produce radio theater based on vintage radio plays from the 1940’s – 1950’s.

Mark Taylor-Canfield is also a musician, producer, composer and journalist.

Mark Taylor-Canfield’s website:…

Mark’s Portfolio/Biography posted at this link:

Jeff Santos Show:

Mark Taylor-Canfield from Seattle is a weekly guest at The Jeff Santos Show broadcasting from Boston. He blogs at Daily Kos, reports and serves as Contributing Editor for Democracy Watch News and is a guest columnist at The Capitol Hill Times.

Mark’s popular article at Daily Kos:

Bernie Sanders Delegate Dinea Evans Arrested At Congressman McDermott’s Office In Seattle:…

Mark Taylor-Canfield’s political satire music:
Bernie Sanders Unofficial Theme Song #1 – “Makin’ Whoopee!”…

MTC’s political satire cartoons:
“Bernie & The Super Delegates!”…
“Bernie Vs The Corporate Pirates!”…
“Bernie Vs Zombies?”…

The show can be seen on FSTV

Mark Taylor-Canfield Websites:…………

Journalism/Broadcast Media –
Mark Taylor-Canfield has blogged and written articles at,,,,,,, etc.

His articles and news reports have also been published by:
The Seattle Times, India’s First Post, Washington Free Press,
The Tablet, Counter Punch, The Tentacle, The Evergreen, The Canadian, Crosscut, etc.

Mark is a frequent contributor to natl media programs –
Thom Hartmann Program (Free Speech TV), Mike Malloy Show (Atlanta), Jeff Santos Show (Boston), Leslie Marshall Show (Washington, D.C.), Norman Goldman Show (Los Angeles), Nicole Sandler Show (South Florida), etc.

He is a Guest Columnist at The Capitol Hill Times.

Mark is a Contributing Editor for Democracy Watch News, and
Associate Editor of The International Collaborative Media Alliance.

Mark’s Youtube channel is called MTC TV Media.

Reporter and former member of the international Steering Committee at Free Speech Radio News, Pacifica Radio Network (

The following news agencies have interviewed him or reported on Mark Taylor-Canfield:
Associated Press, BBC, CBS News, NPR, The Washington Post, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, Seattle Times, Los Angeles Times, Capitol Hill Times, Canadian TV News, and other international media.

He edits his own free online newspaper @

Mark is a tireless advocate for freedom of the press.

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