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Tips For A Meaningful, Productive Conversation

By Joan Mead-Matsui, a five-time award-winning journalist, whose interviewing and journalism skills have allowed her to create compelling content for newspapers, magazines, and most recently, her blog, joanmatsuitravelwriter.com.

Whether you’re a college student majoring in communications or a related field, or perhaps you’ve struggled with the art of the INTERVIEW, your primary goal for “A NO-NONSENSE GUIDE TO INTERVIEWING” is to learn the fundamentals of interviewing and practice creating questions, until they become second nature.

Do you want to create extraordinary content that’s derived from interviews you conduct? I’m here to guide you in your journey as a journalist or travel writer, or another field that requires you to gather information through conversation. 

My mission is twofold: to guide you through the basic skills with the practical advice I’ve learned as a freelance writer and help bring the conversation into our lives again. 

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A WRITER’S NO-NONSENSE GUIDE TO INTERVIEWING will guide you through the process successful journalists use to conduct interviews. You’ll learn Tips For A Meaningful, Productive Conversation you can apply to your on-going journalism and travel-writing courses. Joan Mead-Matsui is an award-winning freelance journalist; content writer, and blogger whose stories and articles have been published more than 1,400 times in newspapers, magazines, and her blogs. 

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