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Cheese-based snacks have always been my go-to for a mid-afternoon treat. Why does cheese enhance the taste of many foods? It’s an added “comfort” in comfort food.

Recently, I had an opportunity to be a part of a major product launch and sample the PUFF-N-TWISTZ HOT, CHEESE, and THREE PEPPER snack line from Snyder of Berlin, an American company that produces a long list of chips and cheese snacks. The SALTED CARAMEL PUFF-N-BITES, sweet, crunchy and mouth-watering nibbles were an added surprise when I opened the box. Many thanks to Snyder of Berlin for including me in their summertime launch.

The new Bites and Twistz are part of Berlin’s extended family of Cheese Curls, Cheese Crunch, Cheese Puff-n-Corn and Cheese Popcorn and they are indeed outrageously cheesy products.

But, wait, they’re not only addictive, they’re ALL GLUTEN-FREE, so individuals who suffer from gluten intolerance can indulge.

So, what happens when you combine tangy and spicy cheese snacks with crunchy gluten-free bites? There’s a flavor explosion in your mouth and you’ll want to eat an entire bag in one sitting.

What led Snyder of Berlin to introduce new snacks? Dan Leonardi, vice president and general manager of the Pinnacle Snacks division (that includes Snyder of Berlin), said the cheesy creations are a culmination of “our cheese-loving imagination.”

“This is the cheesiest, most fun snack line yet, since it’s all about fun Snacking; but in addition, we’ve cranked up the flavor with our special blends of cheese. So much extra flavor, they’re cheesy fingers good!”

 If you like spicy, your taste buds will love the JOLT of Jalapeno, cayenne and chili spices combined with REAL cheese and a creamy sour cream flavor in the HOT PUFF-N-TWISTZ. Someone who prefers a more subtle “peppery” kick should try the Three Pepper variety.

Snyder of Berlin Puff-N-Bites are prepared with no artificial flavors and 0 grams of Trans Fats.You can buy Puff-N-Bites in 6 oz. packages with a (Suggested Retail Price) SRP of $2.50, and a 1.88 oz. size for a SRP of .99 cents.

You’ll find more information about Snyder of Berlin’s full product line at www.snyderofberlin.com.  





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