Suzi Butcher Book Lover Blogger Interview Dec 2012

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  • May 27, 2018

Suzi Butcher Blogger Interview from (December 2012)
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What a lovely interview to finish up 2012 interviews with, Suzi Butcher of
A great blog about books set in different locations around the world, which you can buy, read and then travel to and you know you will experience that location even more after reading about it prior. In this interview Suzi also discusses her analytics and her overall plans for her blog. She shares with us how she selects books to blog about, and other monetisation plans like creating an APP she’s got on the go right now!
We also talk about Amazon affiliates, her subscription list strategy and her assessment of social media a a blogging accessory.
It was a great interview for me, Suzi is not short of a word, and I found it hard to get a word in, which I can assure you is an interviewers dream if they are on topic, which she was. What a great way to end 2012 interviews. I’ll see you all back in January 2013 with a new line of bloggers, sharing their journey with you, I can’t wait!

MENU of interview
.55 Suzi’s background to her blogging journey
2.20 Why Suzi started blogging and why she started
4.07 Why Suzi called her blog Packabook
4.20 Suzi explains why her blog is not just a blog for travellers
4.45 Suzi discusses similar blogs to hers, and why they are different
5.10 Potential for travel guides and more on her blog
5.50 Why Suzi doesn’t define her blog as a travel even though its for travellers
6.50 Suzi’s first blog and how she got it to here
7.25 Suzi’s day job as a TV journalist
8.00 Guest blogging and how she manages that
9.50 Suzi’s plans to use maps to find her books on her blog
10.00 How Amazon Kindle has changed the landscape of self-published authors and why she is weary of them
12.00 How Suzi finds books to add to her book blog list
14.00 Suzi’s target demographic
14.20 Why Suzi likes Pinterest for new book lovers
16.20 Pat Flynn’s Facebook Page for eBook writers
16.35 Analytics — and why Suzi doesn’t watch them too much anymore
17.30 Her affiliate link strategy plan
18.00 Her future ideas for her blog growth
19.10 Why Suzi will be ready when Oprah calls her on her show!
20.10 Social media and how Suzi utilises it, even though Facebook now restrict her feeds to 20-30% of her FB subscribers!
20.40 (& 30) Her ideas for a new APP
24.10 Her passionate subscribers and what they get when the subscribe to her blog
27.25 Her own writing ambitions with three half written books on the go!
31.20 Suzi’s weariness of internet marketers who only want to sell you something!
32.30 Monetisation tactics and needing more traffic to get there!
36.10 Suzi’s hope for her destination book guide to break down cultural differences

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