Jewish Princesses of The Modern Jewish Table

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  • September 18, 2017

Jewish Princesses Reveal Kitchen Secrets


How do you describe your cooking style?


“Rustic Fantastic,” “Silver Service,” “Health Nut,” and “Look Don’t Cook” are among Tracey Fine and Georgie Tarn’s favorite kitchen and cooking styles.

Whether you’re a seasoned cook or a beginner, this cookbook created by the “Jewish Princesses” is packed with easy-to-follow recipes, plenty of wisdom, classic Kosher recipes with a modern-day twist, and often times hysterical narratives.

Fine and Tarn are co-authors of “The Modern Jewish Table: 100 Kosher Recipes from Around the Globe,” a comprehensive “Yes-You-Can-Cook-Jewish-Cuisine guide to extraordinary “Jewshi,” a culinary term Fine and Tarn describe as the result from mixing a little bit of this with a little bit of that. You’ll discover kitchen secrets and dozens of suggestions to help you prepare your dining table for a variety of occasions that range from a “Rustic Lunch” or “Bagel Brunch” to a “Posh Princess Dinner Party.” If you’re not inclined to create the whole caboodle, they offer recipes for small plates, soups, salads, main course meats, vegetarian recipes, and outrageously delicious Pareve desserts.

Upon opening The Modern Jewish Table, Chocaholics can immediately dive into the pages in an entire chapter dedicated to “Couture Chocolate.” You can plan your meal around dessert and then work your way back to “Small Plates” or take the time to read and appreciate the self-proclaimed foodies’ vast experience in the kitchen.

Don’t be fooled by Fine and Tarn’s playful spirits. Their style is overall casual but their collection of classic recipes is both hardcore trendy and classic. Fine and Tarn build on traditional favorites but also aren’t the least bit reluctant to incorporate ingredients from other cultures into their repertoire. The dishes you create from recipes contained in The Modern Jewish Table could, in fact, become your next family tradition.

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Try these recipes today.



The Japanese alternative to kreplach. Delicious when dipped into sweet chili sauce.


1 large eggplant, skin removed and diced finely

2 tablespoons olive oil, for frying eggplant


Black Pepper

2 teaspoons mirin

18 wheat dumpling wrappers

1 tablespoon olive oil, for coating frying pan


Fry the eggplant in olive oil until brown. Season with salt and pepper. Place in a bowl and stir in mirin.

Place a teaspoon of eggplant in the middle of a wrapper. Fold the pastry into a half moon shape and stick the edges together with water. With your forefinger and thumb, pinch the outside of the pastry along the rim.

Coat a frying pan with olive oil and heat. Place the gyoza pot stickers with the flat edge on the pan. Fry and turn until both sides are brown.

Take a couple of tablespoons of water and sprinkle over the gyoza pot stickers. Quickly place a lid on the frying pan, and allow to steam for a couple of minutes until the pot stickers have puffed up.



A fragrant bowl of kneidlach—Jewish Penicillin.


Sephardi Soup

8 large chicken wings

8 pints cold water

2 large carrots, peeled

2 large celery sticks, trimmed

1 parsnip, peeled

1 turnip, peeled

1 large white onion, peeled

1 rutabaga, peeled

2 bay leaves, torn

1 small bunch cilantro

3 chicken bouillon cubes



1 pinch saffron melted in 1 fl oz boiled water


Sephardi Soup

Place the wings in a large saucepan. Pour in the water and bring to a boil. With a large spoon, skim off the scum from the top.

Add the rest of the ingredients except the saffron. Bring the soup back to a boil and simmer for 2 hours with the lid on.

Street Food Gefilte Fish Bites, Crème Fraiche Vegetable Latkes, Cohen-Tucky Baked Chicken, Princess Pad Thai, Kunafa Middle Eastern Cheese Cake, and Cuban Sweet Corn Soufflé are among the 100 recipes presented in this snappy, spirited collection of recipes.

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