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There is travel and there is TRAVEL with extraordinary opportunities for hands-on engagement and exploration. If world-class accommodations, combined with discovery and intimate encounters in lesser-known parts of the world is your idea of a vacation, you will want to get your hands on a copy of “National Geographic: Unique Lodges of the World.”

I can’t make up my mind if I’m more impressed by the guide’s brilliant photography and insightful interpretations or the partnership and mission of National Geographic and the lodge owners. Together, they have teamed up to celebrate nature and cultures and preserve our natural resources, while at the same time, providing a genuine educational environment where children and adults can learn and explore.

Throughout this 123-page guide, you’ll find a page dedicated to each of the 120 select National Geographic endorsed lodges from North America to Austrailia and the Pacific. The lodges were selected because of their commitment to sustainable practices and support for natural and cultural heritage. A full description of the lodge’s history and its contribution to the environment, “About This Lodge” and “Things To Do” bulleted lists, a brief “Why We Love This Lodge” narrative, and details of a complimentary “National Geographic Exclusive Experience” guests are at your fingertips in a clear-cut format.

When you book your trip through Natural Geographic, a portion of the proceeds from all National Geographic Travel programs will be used to help fund other initiatives. If you are looking for a dream trip, travel specialists are available to help you plan each leg of your journey.

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