Lisbon offers spots and activities to everyone’s liking

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  • August 3, 2016

A weekend in Lisbon

By Lisboa Cool

Weekends should be long and lived fully, and Lisbon offers spots and activities to everyone’s liking. During two memorable days, discover what the city has to offer and be delighted by the diversity of activities at your disposal for a special Saturday and/or Sunday in the Portuguese capital.

  1. Instead of traditional breakfast, go for brunch

Start the day with a long and complete brunch – we know you’ll be completely satisfied with your relaxed, calm and happy morning. Choose Brunch Café, Tartine or Leitaria Lisboa. If you prefer something a little more sophisticated, opt for brunch at the Oriente Museum or the Pestana Palace Hotel. The brunch at Epic Sana Hotel and at Hotel Altis are also excellent choices!

1Leitaria Lisboa Lisbon

  1. Visit a museum or monument

Lisbon has so much to discover and so much history to share…! Visit the past or discover the art of the present. The São Jorge Castle, the Electricity Museum, the Coach Museum, the Berardo Collection Museum, the Belém Tower, the Casa dos Bicos, the Ajuda National Palace, the Museum of Puppetry, the Carmo Convent ruins, the Águas Livres Aqueduct, the Pharmacy Museum and many others are waiting for you! Lisbon is very rich in culture and the hard part will be choosing what to visit first!

2Belém Tower Lisbon

  1. Have a picnic

If the weather cooperates, why not? Lisbon has many green spaces around the city and a gorgeous light that invites you to leave the house. Have a picnic in the Estrela Garden, at the Eduardo VII Park, in the Gulbenkian Gardens or at the Tapada das Necessidades.

3Estrela Garden Lisbon

  1. Enjoy the lookouts

The lookouts spread throughout Lisbon’s seven hills provide an incredible panoramic view of the city. Take advantage of it at lookouts like Santa Catarina, Torel, São Pedro de Alcântara, the Eduardo VII Park or Santo Amaro, among others.

4Eduardo VII Park Lisbon

  1. Have a decadent snack

Forget your diet at that bakery that you’ve been meaning to visit forever, eat an ice cream at the Italian ice cream shop Nannarella or indulge in a waffle at Amorino. It’ll be just this one time and the weekend is the perfect excuse to enjoy the little things in life.

5Nannarella Lisbon

  1. Go shopping

Lisbon has the best shops and an extensive offer! Treat yourself, make a special purchase, anticipate a friend’s birthday gift, buy something that will give your home décor a distinctive touch. Visit the Ler Devagar bookstore or buy Portuguese items at A Vida Portuguesa. If you’re looking for original objects, wander through Retroshop but, if on the other hand, you want to get lost among clothes, choose 39A Concept Store or the Embassy.

6Ler Devagar bookstore Lisbon

  1. Discover the Chiado Palace

A palace in the heart of the city restored in order to provide you with the best of Lisbon’s gastronomy. A variety of restaurants and bars have come together in Chiado Palace and the weekend is the perfect excuse to discover them, in between stained glass and sculptures.

7Chiado Lisbon

  1. Have dinner at a special restaurant

Forget the week you just spent running around and dine at Chef Cordeiro’s restaurant or at Cantinho do Avillez, calmly and in special company. If you like sushi, make a reservation at Hikidashi.

8Chef Cordeiro s restaurant Lisbon


  1. Go out for a drink and/or dancing

Plan a night out with friends. Start the night at Pensão Amor, the Chinese Pavilion or even at Upscale Bar at the Epic Sana Hotel and, if you like to dance, end the night at Lux, Place, Radio-Hotel or Main. For live concerts, head over to Music Box.


9Pensao Amor Lisbon

Lisboa Cool is considered Best Travel Blog by National Geographic Traveller

Lisbon, July 5th, 2016 When it comes to geography, cartography, and exploration expeditions, National Geographic is part of the most renowned media group. The magazine has just highlighted Lisbon as seen by Lisboa Cool, a Portuguese online publication with growing international buzz. The Traveller edition of National Geographic was not indifferent to Lisboa Cool’s recommendations, considering it the Best Travel Blog for the month of July.

The digital project was launched in 2013 by Júlia Vilaça, a dreamy 24-year-old at the time, in her hometown of Braga, Portugal, which she soon left in order to conquer the world, in the quest for the most unmissable experiences. After creating Braga Cool, the founder went on to Lisbon with a mission – to discover only the best experiences in the city:

“I only highlight spots with the best experiences; places that create unforgettable memories. Criteria like cleanliness, atmosphere, staff attitude, service excellence, value and a unique vibe are what allow me to define if a spot is cool or not. The places that I visit and don’t consider to be the best experience are not even mentioned. I believe that only the best should be remembered,” Júlia explains.

Lisboa Cool’s unique view of the city’s spots is what sparked the interest of National Geographic Traveller. It was through the eyes of Lisboa Cool that National Geographic Traveller discovered the Chinese Pavilion on Dom Pedro V Street, in the Portuguese capital.

“It’s impossible to remain indifferent, as it is impossible to contain admiration for the Chinese Pavilion,” writes the Traveller.

Júlia was also not indifferent to Lisboa Cool’s mention as Best Travel Blog, as well as to the highlight of one of its 400 Cool spots by the popular magazine:

“the places that I highlight and that end up attracting attention from the media, from tourists or locals, is what makes me extremely proud. My mission is to show the world that Lisbon is cool; I want everyone to see and feel it in that same way”, says Júlia, who is now 27 years old and has implemented the By Cool World project in three lifestyle capitals: Braga, Lisbon and New York.

National Geographic Traveller is not the only one impressed with Júlia’s projects. Lisboa Cool has already made headlines in Montreal, Canada, in the La Presse newspaper, and Meghan Markle, American actress and star of the international hit series Suits, used Braga Cool to create a special tour guide.

For more information:

Júlia Vilaça | | +351 939 374 473

My thoughts regarding Julia’s site…

If a trip to Lisbon is in your future, I’m sure you’ll find is a priceless and delightfully comprehensive guide to Portugal’s capital city. It’s no surprise National Geographic Traveler named the site “Best Travel Blog.”

Whether your stay in Lisbon will be as brief as an overnight stopover or you’re fortunate to have a full weekend to explore the city, travel writer Júlia Vilaça has you covered. Planning a trip can be daunting and time-consuming so why spend precious time searching for dining options, attractions or nightlife? You could be on your way to a delicious meal, enchanting castle, or cooling off with gelato. Even if you’re not one to have a rigid travel itinerary, this Portuguese native takes you to some of Lisbon’s most renowned sites but she also prescribes a time to unwind.

Her upbeat round-up and positive mindset are refreshing and her photography is breathtaking and vivid. As a travel writer, I know for sure after reading Julia’s Lisbon blog post I have added Lisbon to my list of “must see” destinations.

Joan Mead-Matsui

Travel writer, award-winning journalist, and photographer

Júlia Vilaça, travel writer
Júlia Vilaça, travel writer

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