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Clakit: A Unique Travel Hack You Can’t Live Without.

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  • August 29, 2018
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Don’t Travel Without Clakit!

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If you’re heading into the woods for a long hike or you’re embarking on a weekend road trip, Clakit is that one unique travel hack you can’t live without. Strap your Clakit catch-all pouch on the harness and be on your way.

Larry Schessel, Clakit founder, sent a pouch and strap to me a few years ago and I use his can’t-live-without travel pouch whenever I need to carry essential items with me. The applications are endless.

Clakit is ideal for dog walking, hiking, fly fishing, airline travel, and sight-seeing but I’m sure you can find other activities that require you to immediately access your keys, cell phone, cash, passport, and credit cards.

Clakit, Inc. Remarkable pouches 

Don’t Travel Without This One Outstanding Product

The Clakit strap and pouch are extremely comfortable and convenient for a variety of applications.  Two of my favorite outdoor recreational activities are hiking and fly fishing. Some days, I don’t want to lug a heavy backpack or fishing vest. That’s when I strap on Clakit. 

Are you tired of rummaging through your backpack in search of that one item you need?

Clakit is unique travel pouch hack you can’t live without

Larry Schessel, Clakit founder, doesn’t downplay the importance of backpacks. He’s an avid hiker and traveler and while knapsacks serve a purpose, Schessel says, 
“They (backpacks) are great for carrying things on your back. But they are inconvenient for accessing gear you often need, like your smartphone for pictures, water and snacks.”
Carry your cell phone and other important items “under your nose.” ClakIt travel pouch securely holds your smartphone, money, passport, etc.

Clakit idea grew out of necessity.

The idea for Clakit was born while Schessel was hiking in the California mountains. Getting his hands on items he needed from his backpack was a laborious task.

“Every time we needed something we had to stop, take off our backpacks, search for the item and repack – whether water, smartphone, map, wallet, snack or permits,” Schessel noted.

Clakit is a unique travel hack you can't live without
The Clakit is an essential travel product that gives you immediate access to your most important belongings.

Backpack storage problems Solved

Choose from a variety of accessories that snap on the industrial strenght strap and you’ll understand why Clakit is unique travel pouch hack you can’t live without.
Schessel designed The StrapPackTM by Clakit to solve his backpack storage problems by allowing easy access to valuables. Secure yet accessible pouches easily clip to your backpack’s front shoulder straps, so you can safely stash your belongings within sight and reduce the risk of theft. For folks who don’t want to wear a backpack, Schessel offers the Clakit Strap System ($14.95). Patented nylon clips secure the pouches to the strap system for a lightweight alternative to a pack.
Accessories available are the Smartphone Pouch Bundle ($19.95), Pocket Pouch Bundle ($14.95), Water Bottle Pouch Bundle ($14.95), Adjustable Utility Pouch Bundle ($19.95) and Two-Zipper Pouch and Clip Bundle ($19.95) and the Water Bottle Pouch Bundle ($19.95). The options are endless and the price is very reasonable and affordable.
I’ve sampled the Clakit strap system, clip and the Smartphone Pouch Bundle while walking our recently rescued Alaskan Malamute/German Shepherd pup. We take one to two-mile walks almost every day and as you can well imagine, he’s very energetic and strong. I was at a loss for a safe, convenient pouch or fanny pack to carry my cell phone and keys. The Smartphone Pouch saved the day.

Ideal for your commute and travel adventures 

Keep your valuables “under your nose” while commuting or traveling. StrapPackTM pouches allow you to have eyes on your belongings and help to prevent theft.

Schessel says, “Storing gear on the front pack straps just makes more sense.”

Clakit is a unique travel product you can't live without.
Don’t leave home without Clakit pouch, a travel accessory that clips to an industrial-strength strap that’s an extraordinary theft prevention tool when you’re on-the-go.
Clakit is available on Amazon or at
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