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Best Tips for Smartphone Photography

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  • August 19, 2018
World Photography Day—here are some tips for smartphone travel photography

Focus on the Simplicity of Smartphone Photography

Best Tips for Smartphone Photography
Don’t be afraid to experiment with your camera. Be sure your subject is in focus. Photo by Joan Mead-Matsui

Best Tips for Smartphone Photography celebrates World Photography Day and the simplicity of Smartphone photography. World Photography Day 2021 is Thursday, August 19, so you’ll have plenty of time to practice using your Smartphone camera before August.

Why use your SmartPhone?

It’s incredibly convenient. When lugging a heavy camera bag isn’t practical, leave your DSLR at home and get to know your Smartphone’s camera.

Do you have photos in your library that you’re not proud of?

You’ve come across a photo in your library that could be improved with a few tweaks. Smartphone cameras are simple to use but these “hacks” will help you turn mediocre photos into masterpieces.

Suffice to say, image quality varies from phone to phone but with each new smartphone model, the cameras are more sophisticated. The bottom line is you need a critical eye to lighting quality, focus, and details. Is the image blurry?

The simplicity of Smartphone photography
Try your hand at Smartphone photography. You CAN take phenomenal photos with your Smartphone camera. The snow scattered on the glossy ice was enhanced by natural lighting. Avoid harsh sunlight and you’ll discover how light plays an important role in photography.

‘A picture speaks a thousand words,’ which simply means a picture is worth a thousand words. In today’s scenario, we can’t just agree more. We all are photographers to […]

Today’s social media is an example to this. The platforms enable even an amateur to grab eyeballs and enjoy some instant fame. Now, if you are not aware of white balance and shutter speed, that does not just mean that your pictures won’t be great. At times ‘fluke’ too can work wonders and take you places; the only important thing is―never stop trying.

And to give wings to your passions, your smartphone will serve your purpose, it is better than you think. This article will be focussing on two things, travel and photography. So, here comes some tips to take better travel photos with your smartphones, which will help you improve your result dramatically. And the timing cannot be more appropriate than World Photography Day, which is celebrated on August 19.

Let’s start with basics; and the first thing to note is wipe the lens. Since most of our phones don’t have a sacred case, they are casually kept in pockets or in our handbags, thereby collecting all the dust. While travelling, a fleeting moment has to be captured with great finesse, and during that moment, you just can’t stop to clean your lenses; so better be prepared.

Know the limits of your smartphone
First, understand what your smartphone is capable of doing. Stop yourself from over-expecting. While most cell phones have a single lens and wide-angle focal length, there are models with dual lens in which you get a bit more versatility with the slight zoom. Either way, know what you are zooming at. If you think your smartphone can zoom into the top of Eiffel Tower, you will face only disappointed as the resulting image will be pixelated close-up.

Then shuffle around the ‘settings’ to learn their specific functions and experiment how they will affect your photos. Check if you can shoot in ‘manual’ option, which helps in turning images from grainy to great.

Opt for natural light condition
There may be times when you capture images via a cell phone, the result is incredible, however, there is something called low-light conditions, where most of us struggle. Most smartphones are not enhanced with high-end technology to counteract a dark environment without reducing the quality of images. But, if it becomes absolutely necessary to take a photo at night, try to click with some artificial light.

Get a better camera app
Yes, one of the hacks of capturing great travel images is to download a third-party camera app instead of using the one that comes installed on a phone. The third-party apps are enhanced with high-end features enabling your smartphone to shoot a bit like a DSLR with manual settings and option to shoot RAW, which is basically an uncompressed type of file allowing you more flexibility to edit your images.

Grab some additional smartphone accessories
Your phone is called smartphone for a reason, and with appropriate accessories, you can expand the functionalities of your phone beyond expectation. Some accessories that you can consider adding to your shopping cart are flexible tripod, wide angle pro lens, Bluetooth remote control, and extra memory card.

Landscape photography
It is often considered one of the most important things of travel photography. Capturing landscape images via a smartphone can be quite easy. The most important thing to consider while trying to get a good shoot is exposure control. Exposure typically means how light or dark you image will come out overall.

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