Art Course: “3 Tips to Create Outstanding Chigirie”

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Chigirie Japanese art
Travel art at its finest – I specialize in Chigirie, a centuries-old Japanese art that’s created by tearing pieces of handmade Japanese paper. If you want to capture the beauty of Sakura in a photo, you’ll need to visit Japan in the early spring.

“3 Tips to Create Outstanding Chigirie”

What is Chigirie?

Chigirie is the Japanese art of tearing paper to create a collage or literally, painting with paper.

Buy the mini-course here or visit to see more examples of this extraordinary Japanese art.

I’m Joan Mead-Matsui, founder of Mrs. Matsui’s Origami and My portfolio was brimming with more than 300 pieces of art when I decided to join the art festival craze in the late 1990s. At that point, I had already traveled twice to Japan, where I visited a popular museum paper shop. The paper was displayed so artistically on large bolts, I wanted to buy each and every style. Washi, in my opinion, is the most exquisite paper you’ll find and it’s still hand-made in Japan and a perfect application for Chigirie.

What I didn’t know was after my first trip in 1993, my new-found medium would morph into a full-time business that grew legs and arms with several side businesses. I was smitten then, and I still am today.

But whenever we break into something new – whether it’s a hobby or an idea for a business, we wonder, Do I have the artistic ability to work with tiny pieces of paper? My answer is a resounding YES! I believe if you can sew, quilt, craft, knit, etc. you CAN work with paper. Once you try your hand, you’ll be hooked on Chigirie and designing one-of-a-kind originals (and gorgeous prints) you will be “obsessed.” I agree obsessed is a strong statement but this medium is so user-friendly, you’ll move from framed art into additional home decor items and custom-made gifts for your friends and family.

The fact is I believe you’ll love working with paper and the gorgeous art you’ll create as a result of taking my classes. I kid you not, I sold every framed piece I created (300 plus) I couldn’t keep up. That success unlocked an exciting new world that led me to teach Japanese paper art classes and workshops. I want to share my knowledge and love for Chigirie with you but the best part is you can learn and practice in the comfort of your own home.

You can see examples of Chigirie at but now you’ll also have a series of mini-courses to teach you the history and the tips and techniques I’ve used to create my original art. I’m so excited to introduce you to Chigirie. Take a sneak peek at my upcoming course when you buy this introductory lesson I’ve created for you.

We’re all busy. I hear you loud and clear, so I’ve designed this series so you can whet your appetite and decide if Chigirie is right for you. You can learn as you go or jump right in and start today with my mini-course that will set the wheels spinning and show you how to prepare for your first project. YES, preparation is key!

My mini-instruction courses are perfect for anyone who has a desire to learn in bits and pieces and here and there as time allows. Get started today by clicking here to download “3 Tips to Create Outstanding Chigirie” at a cost of only $10.”

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