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  • July 3, 2019


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Are you ready to start your new life as a writer?

What’s holding you back?

Do you want to get started writing a book or article?

Ignite your writing career. Join The Writers’ Bistro. 

I’m a five-time award-winning freelance journalist and I teach writers how to ignite their careers through The Writers’ Bistro 1-Month Membership and Yearly Subscription, and one-on-one coaching services I’ve tailored for the budding wordsmith.

The Writers’ Bistro is a fun, learning environment that takes you to a new level in your quest to become a fiction and non-fiction writer. I build on the skills you already have through thought-provoking exercises that will help you organize and drive home your ideas.   If you’ve always dreamed of being a top-notch writer, join me in the bistro and discover your true potential.

I offer two subscription options.

  • Monthly\$49
  • Yearly\$450 (Sale Price) After May 1, 2021, $525

Or try out my Bistro coaching service for anyone who wants to jump in with no-holes-barred personalized instruction. Message me to learn more about Coaching.

As a member of The Writers’ Bistro, you’ll learn practical tips in a comfortable, casual environment. You’ll practice and get the advice you need. All writers are welcome! You’ll get…

  • Weekly Writing Challenges
  • Daily Tips – You’ll Learn Something New Every Day
  • Writing Exercising and Critiques
  • One-on-One Support 
  • Added Confidence 

Most of all…

You’ll walk away with…

  • Interviewing Tips and Strategies
  • Writing Prompts
  • A chance to show off your skills and motivate other writers in my Private Facebook Group

Do you struggle with content creation and storylines?

Where do you find your ideas? At a loss?

With writing, comes hurdles we all face. What issues do you face? Learn to craft attention-getting content you can pitch to publishers and editors. 

Jump on board today with my introductory yearly subscription. 

The Writers' Bistro 1-Year Membership

Read my latest celebrity interview.

Cancel at any time with only one answer required — what can we do better to serve you?

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