The Writers’ Bistro 1-Year-Membership

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  • March 30, 2021


Yearly subscribers will receive a refund if they cancel within 30-days minus a $250 administrative fee.



The Writers’ Bistro 1-Year Membership

Casual Online Learning for Writers

In The Writers’ Bistro 1-Year Membership, you’ll learn to write through prompts and weekly challenges that you can work on in the comfort of your own home. The Writers’ Bistro 1-Year Membership is for authors, journalists, and travel writers who have at least one common trait.

You love to write. You also yearn to be published.

I developed The Writers’ Bistro as a coaching and learning platform to answer a call from writers who struggle with story creation. I challenge you to find a writing platform where writers can network, meet new friends, and get the personalized attention they need all in one place. 

Browse groups and boards where writers gather and you’ll find the challenges they face are story creation and publishing options. I take you from Point A to Point B where you’ll feel confident and ready to share your stories with the world. 

As a five-time award-winning journalist, I pitch stories every day. Sometimes to myself as I’m walking or vacuuming, and other times to editors around the world. Story ideas are around every corner and after spending time in The Writers’ Bistro with our 1-Year Membership, you’ll have plenty of time to learn where to find your ideas and how to develop them into professional copy your readers will love.

This platform is for writers of all levels – from beginner to experienced. I teach writing fundamentals, story creation, from how to interview to winning pitches. 

Join me and you’ll discover how to spark your creativity to overcome writing obstacles, plan your yearly editorial calendar with attention-grabbing content, interview people from all walks of life from celebrities to entrepreneurs, and boost your confidence.  Take advantage of the yearly subscription and get 12 months of outstanding instruction and guidance. 

Why should you network?

Sign up today and we’ll in a private Facebook community. Years ago, I wondered why competitors network. How do writers benefit from a group setting?  My dream has always been to create a platform that supports writers and fosters a sense of community. The Writers’ Bistro is that place.

Join me today!


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