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Planning a solo media trip is exciting! Buy your tip sheet and get started today.


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Welcome to my world of travel writing!

I’m Joan Mead-Matsui, a four-time award-winning freelance journalist with a love for travel, photography, and art. My work as a features’ writer for print and digital publications laid the groundwork for my life as a full-time travel writer. Little did I know I would one day walk into destinations like the five-star spa destination I recently visited, with my notebook, camera gear, and an ear-to-ear smile.  

Wherever you are in your career, whether you’re transitioning to travel writing from a full-time career in a field other than journalism, you’re a journalist who’d like to explore travel writing or a travel writer who wants to explore solo media trips in a way that benefits you and your travel clients, I’m your guide for as long as you’re on board for this amazing ride.  


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