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  • July 20, 2019
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Journalist Support HUB is a members-only Facebook group devoted to learning journalism and travel writing

A Members-Only

Created for Journalists and Travel Writers by Award-Winning Journalist Joan Mead-Matsui

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Find the journalist and travel writers’ resources you need to support your journey into the world of writing in the Journalist Support HUB. The “HUB” is a members-only community packed with the time-tested tips and techniques that have helped me learn and grow as a travel writer. My online journalism and travel writing courses teach you how to interview and compose compelling articles.

Once you learn the essentials, you can apply those principles to freelance positions in print and digital publications or your own blog. In other words, you’ll soar to new heights and build confidence with each story you create. Contrary to what you’ve been told, you need to know the journalism ins-and-outs to craft informative and interesting articles.

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Discover journalist and travel writers’ resources with added support and guidance. You’ll soar in a highly competitive market.

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Visit the Journalist Support HUB or sign up here.

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