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  • June 25, 2019



Tips for A Meaningful, Productive Conversation
Lessons from An Award-Winning Journalist
You need to learn how to interview. Here’s why.


Many people believe outstanding writing skills are what set the top-notch journalists apart from
the mediocre ones, or the experienced from the inexperienced. Take it from me, interviewing
skills are the single most important instrument in your toolbox.

Think about the most memorable interviews you’ve watched or listened to in your lifetime. If one
comes to mind, chances are the interviewer’s style is what set that interview apart from the others
you’ve seen. While there isn’t one rule in the great book of interviewing skills or a specific
personality type that’s synonymous with the best of the best interviewers, there’s one trait topnotch journalists possess.


Meaningful, Productive Conversation” and you’ll walk away with the lessons I learned
that led me to win five newspaper association awards.
My new course will set you up and help you prepare for your next interview, whenever and
wherever that might be. I’ll dispel myths, debunk your pre-conceived notions you’ve come to
believe about yourself, and teach you everything I learned as a freelance journalist for
newspapers and magazines.
You’ll learn how to put your mind at ease, squash your fears, and set the stage for a compelling
and engaging INTERVIEW with people from all walks of life who want to tell their stories. Too
many times, I’ve heard, “I was really nervous about being interviewed but you’re a great
Why am I so comfortable with people? Before joining a community newspaper in 2009, I knew
eventually I’d circle back to print journalism because I love people and I’m a storyteller. The best
features are stories with all the details your readers want to know but they’re presented in a
manner that flows. In eight years, I amassed a portfolio of more than 1,100 features and a large
percentage appeared on the newspaper’s front page with photos I captured or in magazines on
glorious glossy pages. Currently, the number of articles is more than 1,400 but to be honest, I’ve
lost count over the years.
Whether you’re fresh out of college and hunting for your first job, or you’re a writer who wants to
add new skills to your repertoire, you will benefit from my course.
Buy the course today for $39 on Invest in your future. I know you
won’t be sorry, and your interviewees will thank you time and time again.
Joan Mead-Matsui

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